Family Funeral and EXTRA TV

27 Aug

Okay, yesterday, I had to go to a funeral. And not just for any family, but my mother’s side of the family. And with that side of the family, funerals are like a circus. My family does the following things during the funeral and after it.
1)They are church-y, and yet all of them love to drink, get high, and get "quick" money. So everyone was going overboard with "the holy ghost."
2)what does corn on the cob, the constellations, whiskey and Vodka have to do with consoling words for my uncle’s death? Well, one of my uncles felt the need to add that in his sermon to my uncle…..just shows how crazy my family can be….
3)One of my uncles who WAS NOT assigned to give a sermon, stood up and said what he wanted to say anyway, in the middle of the sermon…..

This is why I am careful when I go around my family…
And then they plan the burial that takes two hours to get there…why? Because it was free. Then they are late for the repast. And guess what was found in the food? either worms or maggots….ewwww…and the person who made them has a dirty home….

AND the party doesn’t end at the repast.

All of the family piles over to "the family street" because almost my whole family lives on that street. It’s near Halsted Street in the city of Chicago…..And they party all night long until 5:00 in the morning or later, and they get drunk, get high, all of the kids run around up and down the block, in and out of houses (because almost all of the houses are owned by my family member. It’s like "family land."

So, now that that is over, last night when I got him at midnight I had planned on watching EXTRA, which I alarmed everyone on my twitter. It came on at 1:05 AM in the morning….the bad part is, I fell asleep…so now, hopefully it still comes on Sunday, 12:05 AM…..*sighs* If only I had stayed up!…..

Well, catch it tonight everyone, and you’ll see why……….

~Over and Out~


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