Nelly Furtado, an Amazing singer!

27 Aug

This entry is very off-topic from Animejournal’s normal "Asian stuff" routine. but since I occasionally go off the topic, I don’t feel anyone would mind. I need variety sometimes, ya know? So anyway, this entry is on Nelly Furtado. I simply love this woman! Her music is so real, and it has so much passion, and it actually MEANS something. Her lyrics are so interesting. I especially love the album Folklore, though that was not her best-selling album. Loose so far was, and that’s because….let’s be honest, people want to "whoop and holler" about how "mainstream" it is, but then, they end up being the main supporters of it…so anyway, I think all of her music is very passionate. It’s catchy in a different way, and anyone can relate to it. So check out some of my favorite vids! Hope you like them!

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The song above is one of my absolute favorites of both James Morrison and Nelly Furtado. It is so passionate! I love the lyrics! It has so much meaning! And I was addicted for the longest time! 😉

I always love this song, and pretty much any song from Tomb Raider by Nelly Furtado! I love this song because it’s got a catchy chorus! Also, the vid is interesting…..

This song is fierce! I love it! You can tell she has a strong mind! This song was one of my first Nelly Furtado songs, next to I’m Like a Bird. That’s when music used to be on Disney Channel with no Disney Channel stars singing….now, I guess the music on the radio is so unclean and so bad for the children, they can’t show it on Disney Channel….so now they have no choice but to recruit actors/actresses who don’t mind making a record deal…


I like Timbaland’s music, and I like when he and Nelly form songs so this is a favorite of mine….this was before Timbaland was in almost everyone’s video….


This song is just awesome! It’s hip-hop of old Y2K! I love it! I still can’t believe this was about 8 years ago! The song is a hit! It still meets my playlist, even now.

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I love Explode! Check out the official video! I couldn’t find the official video to post it….sorry, but this is just as good! The song is even better on the music video, and music video is so sad, but o true of many troubled teens.

This music has a great beat, doesn’t it? LOVE IT!

Maneater is my most favorite song of Nelly Furtado! It has an empowering message, it’s interesting, catchy, funky, and just absolutely diva-ine!

Those are just some of the songs I love from her. She just has so much talent, and she has so many other great songs. I love all three of her American albums! They are fabulous! Nelly also never hesitates to add her culture (Portuguese decent). She also occasionally raps, which she said was her original ambition….

~Over and Out~

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