Woman escorted from McCaskill Event

27 Aug

Okay, this is just in while I was heading to youtube. For those of you who are not aware of the current political issues in America, there is this growing concern over Obama’s Health Care reform. People have divided into two parties based on this. I’m not sure the recurring issue. It seems that some people are angry because of Obama’s new health-care plan. This plan I presume is going to effect the business owners by strengthening the employer-based coverage. This is the full plan…


The debate is President Obama’s insistance on having affordable Health Care at all costs. Obama says he will not sign a bill unless it helps. This is supposed to make people pay less in this economy for health care, and pay for bills. So many people are unemployed. And actually some of those people are blaming Obama.

Well, I don’t really care about the issue. For someone who comes from a middle-class family, I think lower health-care costs could help my family, but I don’t care. what I care about was the Town Hall meeting that occurred as a result of it. There are many different opinions. But what disturbed me was this:

This happened awhile ago, but it is a subject of interest on youtube lately. What I have to say is what the butt?

The issue looks to me like a woman brought in a poster, when posters weren’t allowed, rolled it up and put it on the chair in front of her. A reporter went up to her and asked her what kind of poster it was. A random man walked up toward the woman and reporter, snatched the poster from her, crumbled it and ripped it apart. The woman got angry, got up, and started to "get the man told" (curse him out and make him give back her property). Several police escorted the woman out. One policeman arrested the random man and is charging him with assault. The woman was criticized for bringing a poster in a building where it was prohibited…and yet, there were three others who also held up posters of the same degree, and no one said anything. Even though some claimed they were peaceful, unlike the woman, and in the background, no one went up to them and snatched their posters. And who gave that man the right? He’s not a policeman or anyone of authority to do so. If it wasn’t allowed, why did they allow her inside when she got the poster approved by the doorman? What was worst, people clapped at the fact she was removed and the poster was ripped. Some people claim it was racist, because they were white. Others claimed they were biased because they didn’t believe in what the woman had to say. Some say she shouldn’t have gone if she didn’t agree.

What I have to say is this:

There is NO reason to obstruct the rights of a citizen, I don’t care what side you are on in this debate. However, everyone in this situation acted immaturely.

1)That man was the first to act immature, and so SHOULD have gotten his ‘just desserts." He didn’t like that someone disagreed with him, even if the woman was not flaunting her poster, which was rolled up in the seat in front of her, not open until a reporter asked to see it. The random man acted like a crazy, wild banche, making whatever side he’s on, look hostile and savage. He obviously was intimidated by the poster, or he wouldn’t have felt the need to take it.

2) The woman. What did I say about black people before? Black people always have to make a loud scene. And it is the reason why so many people stereotype us all. Even though I can’t blame her for going to retrieve her property from the man (I would’ve been insulted too) but it should have been handled differently. First off, if you want to flaunt a poster, flaunt it OUTSIDE of the building. Second, when someone takes something from you, head straight to the police and report it. Don’t try to handle it yourself. Then YOU won’t look bad, but they will. Now, this is proof about black people, and it is sad. It makes our race look like they have no self-control. It’s easier said than done, but that doesn’t make the situation better. She shouldn’t have let her rage take over.

All I have to say is, this debate has gone out of hand, and for what? I think Obama making demands for health care is a good thing. Rich people don’t understand until it is about them. I think we should switch places for a day….however, if this is going to tax people, I can also see the issue.

I also can’t deny in my heart of hearts, that a lot black people really only chose Obama because he is black, which showed that our race is capable of with hard work, yes, but… However, no one really cared how good he was as a leader or how much experience he had. Everything is not going to go the way you wanted. The way I see it is, why are you relying on him so heavily? He’s a mere human, that is left to clean up Bush’s work. It’s sad but true. It is just unfortunate that he’s black in this tumultuous time….

well, that’s my thought.

~Over and Out~

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