BoA’s Deluxe Album! TWO NEW TRACKS!

30 Aug

This is a quick entry because i just got news of this today, but for all of you who want to have a quick listen of BoA’s two new tracks coming out August 31 on itunes and online, and coming September 22 HARD COPY, the previews are out! Have a listen, you might like them. I hope you do. BoA needs support, and she can’t continue without it. Help our Asian artists succeed in America. Also, the album is really good. I love the tracks! they are addictive and makes you want to dance. So, I’m actually proud of these songs. Check it out!


Control –

Crazy About

Crazy About –

Enjoy! Also, for all who don’t know, my Twitter account is Animejournal, so if you want to look me up, feel free to do so.





 The following PROMOTION (good words) WILL HAPPEN:

Fontana’s distribution and release book for "BOA DELUXE" also mentions what publicity will be used, as well as consumer advertising and the marketing plan. The publicity section includes The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, People Magazine, LA Times, Reuters, Rap Up Magazine, USA Today, EXTRA, CNN,, and others. There are also plans for her to be advertised on the popular channels of MTV and Nickelodeon, as well as online with websites such as Youtube, MySpace, and Facebook. The marketing plan includes co-promotion with fashion brands like Forever21, Hellz Beltz, Ed Hardy, and House of Cassettes, "tie-ins with Energy Drinks – Involving the track [Energetic] as the "theme song" for Energy Drinks", and TV appearances and performances on local morning shows.

~Over and Out~




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