Vivian Green was AT THE WEDDING!

30 Aug

Okay, today I went to a beautiful wedding. The colors of the wedding were fuchsia and black and white. The wedding was gorgeous, at Meyers’ Castle (A German landmark castle). It was gorgeous. And when they let the doves (white birds if you don’t know)loose after the groom kissed the bride, I knew that was the wedding of the century. But the biggest surprise was Vivian Green sang at the freakin wedding! And I didn’t even know she was a famous singer! The whole time I was thinking to myself, "Wow, she can sing really good. I’ve never heard a wedding singer who can sing so well!" And come to find out she was a real singer!

Listen to this:

Amazing, right? Just thought I’d share that portion of my day! I’ll post pictures when I download them and have the time to post them.

~Over and Out~


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