KINGDOM HEARTS MONTH: Music week (Part I vers.A)

1 Sep

It is Tuesday, September 1! And you know what that means? It is the start of KINGDOM HEARTS II MONTH! YEEEEESSSSS!!!! Coming up September 27, 2009 is 358/2 Days, the Organization 13 video game! For the whole month, I will be posting everything related to Kingdom Hearts! Woot Woot! I’m am so hyped up! I’m even going to wear my Kingdom Hearts T-shirts one week! I have enough for the whole week! I know, I’m crazily obsessed with this game. Every Tuesday of this month, there will be a new Kingdom Hearts activity. So be prepared for this spectacular event! Also, check out my Kingdom Hearts Review in "View All Archives" (left-hand corner of the screen). Check for the date! It was on my birthday, May 9, 2009.

This week is Kingdom Hearts Music Week!

Starting with the theme song. Utada Hikaru is the main vocalist of Kingdom Hearts and supplies the theme songs, as everyone knows as Simple and Clean and Sanctuary (or Hikari and Passion in Japan). Utada was my first step into Asian music, btw.
Have a listen!

Simple and Clean




They were the openings (check out the endings!), but what’s coming up next is the actual music videos from Japan!

Hikari (Light)




Okay to me, I think the songs need to be reversed. Sanctuary and Simple and Clean go better with the music videos than Passion and Hikari, but Passion and Hikari go better with Kingdom Hearts than Sanctuary and Simple and Clean…It’s a bit weird…But all are good songs! If you want to hear more from Utada and her music head to "Utada Gives the US a Treat from Kingdom Hearts" in the "View all Archives" section on the left-hand side of the screen. That has her newest album in America in stores NOW! She added the Kingdom Hearts tracks in her album, so…

Kingdom Hearts Posters!



~To be continued~


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