9 Sep

Okay everyone! Did you all enjoy music week? Good! Great! Well, I’m feeling extraordinary today! Why? Because I have received my Nintendo DS which I thought I would not be able to afford due to college costs….but, I took a risk and found one for a good price on Amazon, baby! As you know, if you want to buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, you will need a DS….

So, aside from that, this week is:


During Creative Week, it is about showing Kingdom Hearts spirit by making something that represents Kingdom Hearts! For instance, learn how to make Paopu Fruit Cookies!

Or make your own SPOOFS! Create your own story!

BTW: The spoof above was made by the infamous TEAM JOHNNYCAKE (TJC)! One of the best KH spoofers EVER!

You just saw some fans get Creative! So you try and do something cool like they did! Other suggestions:
*Make decorations for a Kingdom Hearts Party

*Create your own play and choose some actors
*Make up your own Kingdom Hearts story/spoof!
*Create a costume for KH cosplay
*Create a KH powerpoint or AMV
*Try your hand at arts n crafts projects

These are just some suggestions, but think of this as a Holiday….a Kingdom Hearts holiday!

Happy KH Holiday (Month)!

So, once you find your talent, get to work. If you want to, tell me about some of your KingdomHeartsKreations on my Twitter:!

~To be Continued~




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