KINGDOM HEARTS MONTH: Creative Week!! (Part II vers. B)

12 Sep

This is version B of Part II of Kingdom Hearts month! Check out older entries!

Okay, as you all know, it is creative week for the KINGDOM HEARTS MONTH, and I’m trying my hand at some fan art today! Of course, I am not an artist, but I tried my best to draw the Kingdom Hearts symbol on the cover of the Kingdom Hearts box, and so far, it looked darn near close to the symbol. Soon, I will color it like a big kid and post it on my wall….and possibly on my journal! yipeee! I’ve also created Kingdom Hearts worlds (two to be exact) and an Ace from the Queen of Hearts deck in Wonderland. So, this time, I just wanted to bring attention to some other works of art that people have created (that are waaay better than mine times 10). Some gifs and avatars created, some fan art dedicated to KH, and a cartoon-spoof made by one of the funniest spoofer ever! (next to TCJ!) So lets begin, shall we?


Neat! I love gifs! And you can use them as Avatars and in signautres and on journals…it’s just very cool! Right?


Eh!O.o Pictures, Images and Photos
Keyblade Fanart Pictures, Images and Photos

Plush dolls! (very creative!)
kingdom hearts chain of memories birth by sleep

Kingdumb Hearts (funny creation!)

LOL Well, enjoy Kingdom Hearts month and your contributions to CREATIVE WEEK! Bye! Ciao!

~To be continued~




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