Pet Shop of Horrors Review 10/10

22 Sep

Okay, I have watched all kinds of animes, but nothing can compare to the anime I have just watched : Pet Shop of Horrors. Although it is a short series, the content was enough to last in some long animes. It was an anime that was bred to raise some eyebrows, if you know what I mean. So the following anime, will be reviewed in story, characters, music, Appeal/content, other works adaptations. Never saw the opening until now btw….

*The following anime/manga is Josei.

Story-The story is about a man named Count D who owns a strange pet shop and houses many exotic pets in Chinatown, Los Angeles. The pets are not just animals either, but people’s "hopes and dreams" as Count simply puts it. In actuality, these pets originally come in the forms of humans, which is usually someone the person loves or admires, or in the form of something attractive to the customer. It is up to the costumer to follow the rules of the contract, which majority of them don’t. If they don’t, the pet shop "is not responsible for the consequences." A detective named Leon is following case after case of reported deaths that occurred right after the people visited the shop. Majority of the people deserved to suffer "the consequences." Still, Count D, though sincere and honest, seems to be a mysterious and scandalous man……..

Characters-There are many characters in Pet shop of horrors, which vary from episode to episode, but the two main characters are Count D and Leon. Count D is the almost queer, and mysterious owner of the pet shop in Chinatown. His shop is famous for giving people anything they dream of having within an animal form. He doesn’t seem to be human himself. He dresses dramatically like a woman, with long skirts, fingernail polish, make-up, and has one purple eye and one orange/gold eye. He has a weakness for sweets. Leon is the detective who originally suspects Count D of illegal drug activity at first, and later grows to learn about the shop and the people who visit. He begins to form a sort of fondness for Count D, though he hardly admits it….;)

Music-Opening and closing are average for an anime as mysterious as this. The opening can trick you. Don’t be fooled. I would say there is an ancient, mysterious touch to the music, with a hint of mourning. It’s a bit gothic. The music isn’t over dramatized, but it certainly is eerie, especially episode 2…..some of it is in English as this does take place in America, so….

Appeal/Content-This is obviously supposed to appeal to an adult audience. Children under the age of 13 are advised against this, and even those under 18. For children under 13, there is too much blood, sexual content, and occasional violence. There is a lot of gore, and the anime and manga are very disturbing. This isn’t your average Harry Potter….For children under 18, I think they can handle the disturbance, but the content is also heavy for immature or deficient minds, I’ll put it that way. The content can be hard to understand for someone who doesn’t like to think, mostly teenagers, and those who can’t understand real world issues: political, beyond this world, etc….The content is heavy. Reason why it is Josei…..

Other works/adaptations-There is a manga version of the story. The original anime is just 4 OVA episodes, which run 25 minutes long. But the original manga is about 10 chapters long, plus a sequel Shin Pet Shop of Horrors, which is set up in Tokyo. I prefer Los Angeles, but okay. I also prefer Leon over Chris, but okay… is still very good, because, well, Count D makes it that way, yes?

So in other words, this anime is questionable for children, but great for adults. Of course, that is it’s demographic, right? This, so far, has been one of my all-time favorite animes!

~Over and Out~




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