Shifting from Kingdom Hearts to Kanye West issue…

22 Sep

I’m trying to avoid this subject, but it’s very difficult to. As you all know, Kanye West blabbed his mouth to wide, and dissed Taylor Swift, not behind her back, not only to the media, but in her FACE at the VMA awards! Wow, I don’t know if he is the biggest jerk in the world, or has the most guts to even say something that daring on television. I mean, man, who would say something like that?

This starts with Kanye’s idea that he is always right and is always the best….his high strong ego and arrogance is not easy for him to hide. This isn’t the first time he has done this. I mean, that was quite a big event, and then he got the girl crying! I mean, that was nerve. I personally feel for all the nominees, because he acted like Beyonce was the only one up there.

I think it was racist (I’m black btw), but I think Kanye was being racist. Beyonce was the only black nominee up there, and so he brought out his true "self" after a couple of drinks. They always say, "The true man comes out after 7 drinks." Obviously, he was disturbed by that….

Maybe next time, he shouldn’t drink.

It’s amazing that she was able to bounce back and still perform. She will end up being big after this. She truly has a lot of support. Even the black males are supporting this singer! She truly is amazing! I am so impressed by her behavior towards this whole issue, it makes me want to go out and buy her album! Also, she was the first country singer to win the VMAs. That says a lot. I’m not a big fan of country music, but hey, I’m impressed by how she is in general, and I might give it a chance now.

~Over and Out~


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