Break from KH: Namie Amuro’s Best FictionTour Apologies

25 Sep

Sorry, for all of you fans who were wanting to see the Namie Amuro live performances on the older entry (I had to delete it). But as you all know Youtube has become the copyright police lately, and it’s a struggle trying to find the whole tour elsewhere. Well, with this journal entry, I’m just going to make you aware of the recent problem and at the same time keep you up-to-date with Namie Amuro. For now, I will just post appealing commercials, and let you sink in your excitement. I wish this was in America. It’s hard to get Japanese things without spending a little cash…..

Happy? I’m not. I still want to see the ACTUAL tour. But I guess I’ll have to wait awhile. *Sighs* 😦

~Over and Out~



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