Side of KH:Kirsten’s being ARCHIVED!!! And my thoughts on NEW AMERICAN GIRL!!

29 Sep

Sad news everyone. This is an alert to all you American Girl fans. If you don’t know already, Kirsten is GOING TO BE ARCHIVED!!!!! That is right! This is sad news. Samantha was also archived at this time of year.

But as sad as this is, because of the recent replacement of Samantha being such a popular American Girl, many people are optimistic and are positive that American Girl is going to replace Kirsten with another doll. While this is a wonderful dream, I doubt it. Why?

Well, the same people who made suggestions about a new doll really didn’t understand why Samantha was archived to begin with. I’ll begin by explaining some of what happened with Sam.

First off, the idea of Rebecca was not invented just because Sam wasn’t making money. In fact, Samantha was the best-selling doll (not a smart move to archive during this economy, but not my doll, not my company). Rebecca had been rumored for years, since Kit and Kaya were released, Rebecca had been a rumor.
And unlike most of the rumors, the reason this one was the most legitimate rumor is because Rebecca had a "tradmark logo" under the TRADEMARK SECTION on…it wasn’t until 2003-2004 it was removed for awhile because I believe American Girl was unsure about releasing her. So Rebecca was obviously going to be put into place BEFORE Samantha was archived.

But, Mattel is suffering because of law suits, and their sales have declined, and they made room for the freakin GOTY, and so, right now, they only want 8 American Girl dolls. So, because people have been "begging" them for a Jewish girl for years, they decided to give it to them. But realizing they didn’t have the money to fund all of these dolls, they decided to get rid of the doll that was most similar and would be taking up space.

Samantha and Rebecca are most similar in time and fashion (which Mattel is more interested in the similarities in fashion which is dollars and cents). Of the two, Rebecca’s era (1914) is not only more important in AMERICAN history but more important to talk about culture-wise.

I emailed them recently asking them to create an Asian doll during the Gold Rush/Transcontinental, and they told me that "Asians didn’t have enough influence in American history to cover an entire era. And during those times it was mostly men and boys that came, and most had only come to work, but eventually went back to China." They also said they "wouldn’t cover something already in the books." With that being said, a lot of people’s ideas would be out of the question:

1) 1920s-First off, the 20s didn’t largely impact everyone in history. It impacted the adults, but children often didn’t change much from 1914. And very few blacks lived in the Harlem Renaissance, and very few met up with gangsters on a regular basis, unless you were affiliated, and it usually wasn’t children who were……besides, this is most similar to Kit’s time, and of the two, Kit’s time is more important.
2)Pilgrim Age-While this is not a very ridiculous idea, it is not somewhere Mattel wants to go. Pilgrims had very few clothing and didn’t wear much color. Neither were there very many children in America at the time. Also, the morals and beliefs and culture and language is very similar to Felicity, and of the two, Felicity’s era is more important.
3)Civil Rights Movement-As interesting as this is, it is an EVENT not an ERA. The civil rights movement didn’t largely impact the era. Also, it is closely linked with the 70s (Julie) and Addy’s story, which is too similar. Plus, black girls don’t make a lot of money in American Girl, I’m sorry it’s true. Because black people don’t usually want to pay $95 for a doll.
4)ANOTHER PIONEER GIRL/or WESTERN SETTLER-while this is interesting, it’s also a ridiculous suggestion.

The main reason Kirsten got archived, if you want to know, is because she wasn’t making money. What does Mattel assume? People don’t like that era. So, why would they make another pioneer girl when they could’ve just kept with Kirsten? why would they do that if it wasn’t making them money? Also, there is already an American Girl who settles the west (Josefina). Any other girl would be too similar.

I feel American Girl thinks Rebecca will suffice for both Samantha AND Kirsten as both are not nearly as important as their surrounding American Girls. As much as Kirsten is an immigrant, that was already covered in Rebecca’s book. The pioneer settlers are already covered in Josefina as well as western settlement and American influences. Addy covers clothing and everything else. So what need does Kirsten have? Then there are plenty of blonde girls to go around and share, so what IS kirsten’s purpose anymore?

Truth be told, her story is one of the deepest and best stories ever written, but Mattel only cares about the MERCHANDISE. And they did absolutely nothing to save her! She doesn’t have a BF doll, no new books, no movie, NOTHING! They just threw her away.

We have those freaking Girls of the Year to blame, the new "main collection" and commercial success of the bulldozers Mattel. And of course, the ever popular and good replacement, Rebecca. And hey, I don’t personally mind the archiving, I have my collection. But I am concerned about scraping money for a new American Girl this year, what with college and all…

So sadly, Kirsten is gone for good, and I hate to say it, but I doubt there will even be an American Girl to replace her.

Wanna know where archives is?

~Over and Out~



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