Anime Club, Kingdom Hearts, and BoA!!!!

1 Nov

Okay people, tomorrow I’m heading to one of the coolest events/clubs eva! It is an ANIME CLUB. Lately, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been having anime writers’ block. Meaning I am stuck on what anime to write my next review on…well, not really. Paranoia Agent is coming up, and then Ghost in the Shell,blood+, trinity blood, chobits, fruits basket, ouran high school host club, and full metal panic …BUT I still want more inspiration and suggestion and requests from others. What better way to do so than to receive the following from Anime fanatics?

This Anime Club is obviously hosted at Columbia University(going to be my original university, until I changed my major to history) in downtown Chicago. I know I sound sheltered (like I’ve never been involved in an Anime event, which I haven’t), but I can’t help but be a little over excited about the whole ordeal!

And guess what I’m wearing? My Kingdom Hearts t-shirt! yay! Obviously! So just thought I’d share that. I will try to take photos and keep you updated on new inspiration…

Also, my progress in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days…I finally reached 255 Days, and surprisingly pretty quickly…well, quicker than usual. Didn’t die once…but it’s too early, I suppose. At least, I think. Well, the only reason I’m just now reaching 255 is because I’ve been busy with college midterms…which are a monster! BUT I’m back on my feet and well, happy they’re over. So I’ll keep you posted on the latest and greatest.

BTW: Youtube has a great anime section called tubanime, I think. Check it out. Also check me out on twitter and facebook:

Lauren Henderson | Create Your Badge

BTWA: BoA has a new video! It’s awesome! Check out these two!

Bump Bump ft M-flo


Thanks for checking!

~Over and Out~




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