Charanalysis: TARGET: Ai Haibara (Detective Conan)

1 Nov


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Ai Haibara is from the Detective Conan series. And let me just continue by saying that she is one of the most interesting, complex, and coolest characters in DC. Her character is so unique and rare, it’s surprising it’s in a Shonen, as they tend to prize weak, innocent, crybaby girls, who are just there to look pretty…just like in American superhero movies, no different. Ya know, I-candy for the males, I’m not mad at ya. BUT when a REAL female is represented in an anime that is directed to a young male audience, you can’t help but be impressed.

Ai Haibara enters the series in episode 129, nearly a whole decade after DC’s release. However, this series is 500+ episodes long, so she’s been in it a while…did I mention this is still ongoing?? What I am afraid of, which is what Shonen writers do to awesome females, is sometime in her life she’ll reveal a weaker side, and end up dying…trying to help the main hero Shinichi/Conan…

So, anyway, getting to her background. 17 year old (they stay the same age in 500+ episodes. It’s supposed to only be a couple of months ???)Shinichi Kudo was trying to bust out a crime syndicate, when the intelligent goon, Gin (also will have an analysis), found him and knocked him out forcing a poisonous pill down his throat. Luckily, all it did was shrink him into a kindergarten state (others were not so lucky). So Shinichi was left to solve cases as Detective Conan, the kid, until he could find and track down the syndiacte that did this to him, which was later revealed to be known as The Black Organization because they wear all black. However, their real name is unknown still.

Ai Haibara used to be a part of that crime syndicate. In fact, she created the poisonous drug that shrunk Shinichi. Her real name is Shiho Miyano, codename: Sherry, as all the org’s codenames are alcoholic beverages…Ai Haibara was born and raised in the organization. Her father and mother, codenamed: Mad Scientist and Hell Angel (*Shivers* wow), joined the organization before Ai was born. So, Ai was already deeply involved with the fiasco. Her parents unexpectedly died by an “accident” (I think they were killed) just a little after she was born. Shiho then took it upon herself to finish her father’s work. Instead, she was forced to make a poison drug out of the test samples, though her original father’s plan was to raise the dead…well, the poisonous drug was a success, and this awarded Ai a high position in the BO. Only higher members receive codenames.

BUT soon Shiho’s sister, Akemi Miyano, decided to join to get her sister out of the organization. The organization WAS crooked obviously. Even though Akemi was raised in the BO, she wasn’t as important (she had no special skill. She’s kind of like Ran, Shinichi’s childhood friend and love interest…). Akemi was still able to live a normal life in Japan, go to school, make new friends, etc. While Ai, was sent to America for schooling, which the experience wasn’t pleasurable…Well, Akemi ended up causing problems for both of them. She fell in love with Rye (who was secretly Akai Shuuichi, an undercover FBI agent, which the BO is a global organization, and the FBI is all in this). Rye joined the organization and kind of used Akemi, though he eventually fell in love too. He got really well acquainted with Ai, who got him connected with higher members, since Akemi was not a very important member, he discovered.

He became an executive member, working right next to the big dog, Gin. But Gin wasn’t stupid and found out Rye’s M.O. Because Gin knew he couldn’t trust Rye, Akemi became suspicious to them. Even though they were suspicious of Ai, she was too valuable to lose. So, they began to threaten Akemi. So Akemi made a proposal. If she could rob 1 Billion yen, the BO has to let her and her sister go. If not, they can kill her. See, that’s the problem with women who use their hearts over their brains. Anyone would know that you can’t make a deal with the Devil and expect yourself to come out on top, right? Come on, this is a CRIME SYNDICATE. They don’t need to make deals. Instant Annihilation is the name of the game. So they killed her. They brought the news to Ai. Ai began to question how this happened. But no one questions the BO and gets away with it. That’s too many questions, that needs too much information…so they locked Ai in a gas chamber, until the “boss” (whom we have yet to meet) gave the orders.

Ai kind of figured this was her end, so she took her own poison. She was also one of the lucky ones, who instead of dying, returned to the kindergarten state. So, she was able to escape out of a laundry shoot, which the BO is ANGRY about. No one has ever been able to escape them. You wrong the organization in any way, you will be destroyed. It’s a kill-thirsty weapon. The purpose of the BO is unknown, but they are mostly known for their assassinations.

So anyway, Haibara makes her way to Shinichi’s house, where his neighbor and friend, Agasa, found her and took her in. She was enrolled in Titan Elementary with Conan, and after shocking the detective a little bit by using her impressive acting skills, she was able to become acquainted with him Of course, their relationship started off a little shaky. Conan had a hard time forgiving her for her criminal deeds. But hey, the BO was a monster destroying machine…well, the bO destroyed the medicine factories and clinics where Ai’s data was stored. But she knew it in her head (she’s a genius!). But she would have to start for scratch…and obviously, the ingredients aren’t super easy to find…so for the time being, Conan and Ai are stuck like that. Well, now Ai is on the run from the BO, especially Gin, who seems to have a strange obsession over her…there’s something going on there. I believe they are well-acquainted….Shinichi is determined to help her hide and escape and take down the BO.

Wow, wasn’t that story amazing? Not only does she have quite a deep and compelling background story, but her character and appearance is so unique.
She has reddish-brown hair and blue eyes. This is because she is mixed with Caucasian (her mother was from Great Britain, well rounded girl, I know…). She is super fashionable, and knows how to look good. She has a sarcastic, and matter-of-fact demeanor. She is really dry, and somewhat a little TOO realistic. She is the one who always thinks of the worst that could happen. But, it’s her natural funny way of putting it that wins her the hearts of fans (Do you know her fanbase have taken over youtube more than any other DC character??). She naturally makes a fool out of Conan, who thinks he’s so smart. And she often teases him. There have even been some recent hints that she has begun to see him more than a friend…but, it’s apparent *sighs* that he loves Ran, so Haibara keeps her distance. I personally love AixConan SO MUCH MORE. She is just a far more interesting character and has a cooler personality and just represents TRUE women. We aren’t all flighty and dependent on someone else to be important in the story. Mind you, majority of the heroines in DC are only important because of their male lovers/friends. Aside from Jodie-sensei and Satou of the police force, Haibara is rare. She is even cooler because she’s the half-blood hero. She is villain turned good. Thats what makes her so awesome. And thats what makes her relationship so much more interesting with Shinichi, who believes there is no excuse to commit a crime EVER…he’s super righteous. But him helping an ex-criminal, and getting to know her…they are quite a pair. They have a lot to learn from each other.

But it is this feeling that also adds to her complex nature. With such a complex background leading all the way down to her fascinating feelings, this character is unique from most all female characters. For once, not entirely helpless (she can weild a gun…nice, though her state causes her to be the damsel in distress majority of the time *more sighs.*) and she’s not a whiny crybaby, screaming for some boy’s attention, like you see in most animes…She’s strong-minded and strong-willed and independent. She knows her own feelings (her instincts are sharp and she can sense, even smell, when the BO is around). Ai is just one of those female characters in animes that just makes you appreciate how far animes have come in their portrayals of women.

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2 Responses to “Charanalysis: TARGET: Ai Haibara (Detective Conan)”

  1. KomalTariq 2016/02/22 at 12:49 #

    Well in my Opinion Haibara is better than Ran.She is genius and expert in shooting handguns.I also like Haibara because of her personality and love and respect for Conan.She also tries to help Conan in some cases including BO code names like Rye or Rum.Anyway I am a huge fan of Shiho.


    • generationnext 2016/02/22 at 15:09 #

      Me too! I find her to be one of the most useful characters to the story. She is the only real link Conan has to the B.O. Without her, he wouldn’t have even gotten back into contact with the B.O.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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