Charanalysis: TARGET: Count D (Pet Shop of Horrors)

1 Nov

Target of the Day:



Count D is from the Pet Shop of Horrors anime/manga series. Count D is one of the main characters of the story and the owner of the strange and mysterious pet shop in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Count D is an enigmatic figure. Although, things about him have been revealed, his actions and motives behind those actions remain unclear.

Count D begins most of the episodes the same (which makes him seem like the main character, but he also can be seen as the villain):
"Welcome to my pet shop. I am Count D. This is Chinatown. A mysterious place with many rare and valuable commodities. Tonight, you shall find something you desire…" [title] Which will more than likely be a word that starts with a D…odd, right? Such as Delicious, Despair, etc.

First off, the dude is weird. But thats just what makes him so awesome. He’s like the Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean, the Joker of the Dark Knight, or the Willy Wonka of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He’s just so weird, and yet so charming and lovable. In fact, my sis and I often joke that Johnny Depp should play him if there ever is a live action…So anyway, how is this dude weird? Well, for starters, he wears a Chinese dress. No, it’s not a man’s robe. It’s a LITERAL FEMALE’S DRESS…And he wears nail polish and make-up and keeps his hair at a shoulder-length…not to mention he LOVES sweets. Absolutely loves them. He would do anything for them….Ring a bell? And if that isn’t odd enough, the dud has one gold eye (which I found out changes ???) and one purple eye. One is normally hidden behind his hair when he’s conducting "business"…mostly because it was revealed that the eye can hypnotize people…weirdo.

Aside from his strange appearance, he is a strange character. It has been noted that he is not human…and yet he owns a pet shop. It is quite possible he is an animal species. How can that be? Well, apparently, all of his animals appear human, which the incense helps them keep that form. But the Count has one way of staying in business…and not having any costumers ask for refunds. They are naturally always satisfied.

And his way is to let them sign a contract.

Not just any contract, but one with three terms that they have to follow (which majority of the time, the customers don’t). If they don’t follow the terms, the Count is not responsible for the consequences…which usually means eternal death…or torture. It has been revealed in the manga to some degree, that he gets his animals from the hearts of humans…that may be the explanation of why his animals look like humans at first. Another strange component to the animals is their incense…which in the manga a couple of young men used this thing to get high off of…which showed that the incense shows the person what they want to see…kind of makes them feel good…heroin, much? Ring a bell?

So Count D’s main products are strange enough. His merchandise seem a little odd.

However, it is evident he is the sanest one in his family. He is compared to his grandfather. His grandfather was a womanizer, charming, and is the real owner of the pet shop supposedly…he’s just oddly always away on business. The strangest thing about him is he looks EXACTLY like Count D…reeeeallly peculiar. And Count D’s father, whom D doesn’t respect, is always caught in a mess that D as to clean up.

Count D, on an average basis, is so obsessed with animals that nothing stands in the way. And he wants the rarest and most valuable…the "rarest" being what humans hearts desire most… There was even one time he seemed to have an affair with a chef…but it turned out the Count D was only interested in finding a strong animal…out of the chef’s heart. Count D’s affairs and partners are even strange. Yaoi is common. Leon, a detective who is trying to pin the recent deaths with the Count D, constantly visits the shop. In turn, Leon ends up getting close to the Count D. It seems they are very close…but in the manga, women have lunged themselves at the Count D, like the dentist and the rich girl.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say this character is the strangest character ever invented…which also awards him this honor for charanalysis. Never has there been a more complex or fascinating character. Many people say that his name is short for Count Dracula…which is an interesting speculation considering 1)he’s not human 2)And he seems only interested in feeding on the blood and hearts of humans to make more animals…

This character is so inspirational! He wins my heart over fast, and he’s just so fascinating! Really, watch out for this character, though it will be hard to avoid him anyway. He’s always there just when you least expect him…

~Over and Out~




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