Charanalysis: TARGET: Yuuko Ichihara (Tsubasa and XXXHolic)

1 Nov

Target of the Day:



Yuuko is from the XXXHolic series. Yuuko is the mysterious, but powerful owner of a mysterious shop. This shop isn’t an ordinary shop. It is only visible to those who need it. For some reason, it seems Yuuko has the ability to sense when someone is coming, or when they come, she automatically knows what they want. Most of the people come to her with a wish. But for Yuko to grant that wish, she has to receive compensation, something of equal value. Usually, the customers always want their compensation back because they weren’t satisfied with the wish they made. The customers’ real lesson is to be careful what they wish for. Majority of these cases are strange obsessions or about spirits. The ‘XXX’ in front of Holic is meant to say these people are holics…alcoholic, computerholic, etc. The boy witnessing all these accounts was Yuuko’s first customer in the story, Watanuki, who she hired as her cook. She seems to have a maternal bond with him…

Yuuko’s background is unknown. Her family is unknown. Heck, we don’t even know how old she is. All we know is that she owns this shop and has an attic full of rare items that people have given her as compensation. Based on those items, one would think she’s been around a long time. Some people have concluded that she is from the spirit world…but if that were so, she probably wouldn’t be sustained by food and drink (she’s a holic herself, but she doesn’t want to change, that’s the difference). Also, she can leave the shop, which her two shop "spirits" Moro and Maru aren’t allowed to leave. Yuko has a weird crowd that she surrounds herself around…

Yuuko is usually seen sprung out drunk over her sofa/love chair/lounge chair. She has EXTREMELY interesting taste buds…She always has a request. Sometimes, it seems she’s a little silly, and takes Watanuki for granted. She can be a little playful. But Yuuko has a serious side. Especially when it comes to requests. She has a way of peering into someone’s eyes and causing someone to really think and feel a certain way…if that makes sense. I don’t understand the feeling myself, but it causes them to have glossy eyes…

Anyway, Yuuko has seductive tendencies. It’s not surprising, considering her wardrobe matches that of a hooker sometimes. Cute clothing, just a bit revealing. She is very fashionable. At the same time, she’s exotic. But although she is a holic in some ways, Yuuko is careful in other ways like with being addictive to the computer. Yuko has limits. Other than that, Yuuko is a mystery. It is unclear who she really is. But she’s an awesome character because of it. There are few characters that remain an enigma throughout the whole show. Usually, the audience learns SOMETHING about the mysterious character. But this character, oh no, she never revealed her true identity. This mysterious woman makes the audience search for the answers through the manga. But there is no luck there either. Yuko will always be Yuko. In fact, she is another character in the Tsubasa Chronicles series. Still, she remains a mystery.

To me, it’s hard to tell who is the MOST POWERFUL in all the series. The three stories that are connected, Tsubasa, Cardcaptor Sakura, and XXXHolic, all mention Clow Reed. Two of the three mention Yuuko. Both are considered powerful and are said to ave lived a long time and have been eccentric. The only difference is Clow Reed has also been reported as being dead, whereas Yuuko is still living. So, I think it’s a toss-up between powerful sorcerers(ess). And yes, Yuuko does perform magic, which wasn’t confirmed in XXXHolic but was in Tsubasa. So, this character gets around. That is what makes her so great. Her mysterious background. Her personality is also pretty straightforward. And unlike most females, she’s good at holding in her true feelings. She’s not very emotional, which is common in Seinen. That’s why I love Seinen. She is like the Count D of Pet Shop of Horrors, only she’s not concerned with blood or concerned with feeding her obsessions or desires. She’s good to be receiving compensation, but majority of the time, it’s going to be given to someone else who needs it. I really don’t know why she keeps the shop. But for the spirit world, many things have no explanation or particular reason. They just all have missions. They just do a particular job that was given to the particular spirit. With that being said, through speculation, I believe Yuko is from the spirit realm.

This character is worth mentioning. She is obviously special. She is interesting and just completely unique. Look out for her in Tsubasa and XXXHolic. Anytime a character can be recycled and used again, she’s a good character.

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