Twilight Rant……especially on the story

1 Nov

For all you Twilight fans, all I have to say is that you might not like me from what I have to say about Twilight. I am NOT a Twilight fan, but I can’t say I haven’t read the book or watched the movie. So, I can say that the character development is VERY GOOD. I will say something positive first. Very well-developed, and very detailed. HOWEVER, the story is a piece of crap.

How can you have awesome characters, and then a lame story? I know you fanatics are saying "how is it lame?" Well, because it’s cliche. If you want to hear some good vampire stories, read Anne Rice….This crap is for amateurs. Or better yet, romantics. Or even better, pre-teen fan girls, so they can gaga over Edward, the ugly guy. Girls always like the strong, silent type, and then find out they’re jerks. And they’re usually the ugliest guys. If she were more mature, or better yet, if this story was directed to a more mature audience and for more experienced readers, she would’ve ended up with Jake, the hotter times 10 guy who has a personality, unique powers, and makes the Native American race look good. And he’s been knowing Bella longer, so he REALLY knows her. Edward is a guy invented to create a sex scene and make the main character have no meaning but to be sprung over some weird guy who can get er killed. Otherwise, she’s pretty useless. Ladies, don’t become your man’s shadow. Be your own person. A man isn’t everything. Don’t case him, let him chase you.

Whats really dumb is he’s soft. Bite the girl FOR REAL and kill her so she can look stupid. And it’s not that I think the story is cliche for a vampire story, but cliche for the type of stories being produced nowadays. Another teen movie. Another weak movie. Yea, it has a lot of drama, but you can have a crap load of drama and make your story worse. Drama doesn’t make the story, it’s where you direct it. I hate to be so critical for all of you people who want to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard to get around. It’s pretty predictable. Now the characters aren’t, but their actions are. And the girl is another damsel-in-distress. Come on, become somebody!

Jake is the best, and he brings out the best in Bella, a cool side that’s relaxed, not "sprung."

Well, that’s my rant. Characters very interesting…they just belong in a different story. And they need to lose Edward. He’s ugly and just SO cliche.

The messed up part is this is a best-seller….so people actually think this is good. Then again, look at the Hannah Montana and Lady Gaga phase. All of the famous people have no talent…and yet…*sigh* it’s sad really. People must not read a lot because this is a mediocre story.

Read Anne Rice.

~Over and Out~



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