BUSY weekend: Anime Club, Two movies, etc

15 Nov

Hey everyone! Animejournal is back after awhile, and today is a semi-non anime-like topic. Well yesterday I went to Anime Club at Columbia college in Chicago and I had a good time. What got me is when I walked in, guess what was playing on the big screen? Cardcaptor Sakura! Jeez! It’s like that anime follows me everywhere! Everytime I ask for anime requests for reviews, the first request is always from the CLAMP collection. And BAM! There it was! Too bad I was already watching it all over again BEFORE I got there. I would’ve actually enjoyed my time there more. But….
Well, at least I was around those like me. It was cool to be with others who were on the same page and actually in the same room cracking jokes on animes, rather than over chat on Anilinkz and in other Anime territory on the internet….I have to say I was rather surprised at the age of some of those people. Some were around my age (19). Others….20s, 30s,40s even! So, I felt a bit at home. I was even with one of my friends that I’ve been knowing since kindergarten. He attends the school. I was supposed to but…changed my major.
So anywho, afterward, my friends and I saw a movie at my other friend’s house. It was an old Civil War film (you know, the ones that make the KKK look like heroes…) obviously created in 1910s. It was a silent movie…And we all just totally cracked jokes on that movie all night long. My friend, the one we visited, is sooo hilarious. He had us all dying laughing. There were three others there, who were all cool. So, it was fun.
Today I went to see Precious and the MJ movie. Precious was VERY sad. But it was good. Monique did a bang-up job! It was worth an award. I have never seen her that serious. She’s usually in comedy. But this time, woo! She was cruel! I loved it. Great acting skills. I was in speech team and drama, so I analyze those types of things. I do demonstrations and play-acting all the time. And I used to memorize and act out all my favorite stories and movies since I was 5 years old. SO, that movie, like all of Tyler Perry’s movies, was very dramatic. No comedy. In fact, I don’t remember one happy moment….
But MJ! woo! The guy has TALENT! Do you read? TALENT!!!!! I don’t care what anyone says, he is the KING of pop music and dancing! People don’t want to give him his props because they judge him by what the media has brainwashed them to believe and the way he looks. But Michael shows that they can say what they want, but who is makin the bucks even WHEN they’re dead? MJ. And now the media wants to say something different? "Michael Jackson was a genius with music." Where was all that smack back then? And now America is whining because his original concert was supposed to be in Europe. If this hadn’t happened, America would’ve dogged him out. At least Europe didn’t make him out to be some kind of monster.
MJ was a good man, but he was a perfectionist. His father trained him to be that way too. Sad reality behind MJ’s talent. When someone is beating you to death to dance on point, of course, you will learn to be a skilled dancer. So you won’t get beaten. But MJ made sure everything was right and knew his music….
My favorite song is Smooth Criminal. I always listen to all the songs over and over, but for some reason, that song always gets stuck in my brain! I just love it! I even love the dancing the best! The wardrobe is another element to the performance. I love it! It’s circa 20s-50s. My other favorite is Dangerous. WoW! That song is awesome! But really all of MJ’s songs are fierce and just fabulous! So go watch it wile it’s still around. It’ll be out until November 12 so hurry up!
It beats the Hannah Montana concert AND Twilight any day. I wouldn’t dare waste my money. I’d rather go see Disney’s A Christmas Carol….
~Over and Out~


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