15 Nov

Guess what?I know you guys haven’t heard from me in awhile, but I’m back, and happy and sad at the same time.
But a lot has been going on. I just got out of the hospital, so I’m slightly recovering. But I’m back. I have to get strong medication. BUT MJ made it all better. I heard his music lately from the Jackson 5 down to MJ for a whole week. I put it on my youtube playlist, all his grand performances and MVs. And oh! that man could sing. He is (speakin in present tense cuz he’s currently my crush lol) so good, such a good performer and fabulous singer, I almost fainted! His voice is so sexy! And he’s such a sexy performer, too! I never realized how great he is/was until I saw all of his performances. He was the KING OF POP! I’m only sorry I never got to see him live and in person. AND I WAS GOING TO GET A FREE TICKET TO THE CONCERT TOO!!! 😦 waaaahhhh!!!! Cuz I joined the MJ club! waaaahhhh!!!! I’ve been trying to memorize his songs and his dance moves. They are so difficult! I swear! But I did see the movie. I ended up spending money for a ticket to see MJ anyway. *sigh* Never goes according to plan…but watching him lately, I see how talented he really was. He totally out-shined his brothers. His music had so much meaning. He made the worst song sound excellent! His dancing was polished. His voice was polished. And according to the movie he was a SUPER perfectionist. It had to go right. He had to have the correct figure, dance routine, etc. I WISH I HAD SEEN HIM!!! But I was too young during his last big concert…..I was 7 years old. This is It was "the biggest concert that never happened". Waaahhhh!!!! Why, MJ? why didn’t you take care of yourself? I didn’t want you to leave so soon! I wanted to see you and faint over your fabulous voice and be in awe over your dance moves. I wish he had come to my Kingdom Hall, just to hear him sing the Kingdom Melodies! I would’ve fainted in the row! I’ve never heard anyone sing like him. He elevates his voice perfectly! Oh man! Too bad that polished way came from being abused by his father. That discipline made him so great….And there are still some ignorant people out there who believe all the media exaggerations. But more and more ppl are starting to see who he really is. And did you notice he hardly ever cursed in any of his songs? The media never wants to see a black man that successful. He was successful enough to rule the world!….No, that was an exaggeration. But everyone in the whole world knew him! I don’t know any singer that can top his talent. And I’ve heard many singers, old and new, around the world. Elvis was talented, but he couldn’t sing. The Beatles didn’t cross generations, neither did they break racial barriers, neither did they have many different styles. MJ could perform Rock, pop, R&B, country…man, any genre he’s good at. He has inspired many artists today.
Know what kills me? The main people who talked about him are the main people who are saying that he inspired them. COME ON! At least give an apology. At least, through all the bashing about his personal life through the critics, the critics NEVER EVER had nothing to say about his musical talent or his performances. That’s the truth. Even with his movie, the critics had nothing to say. And MJ said the movie was just REHEARSALS!!! OMG! It was going to be dramatic man! He still had it after all those years. He knows his music, how it’s supposed to sound, and how the audience hears it. He was a music genius!
Okay, I’ve talked my all about MJ. Another performance that I REGRET not seeing is the Spice Girls. WHHHHHHYYYYY?!!!!!?!!! Why did I miss THEM of all people?!!! I am A HUGE FAN of the Spice Girls even over all the Asian music I’ve heard!!! AND I MISSED THEM! The messed up part is THEY WERE RIGHT IN CHICAGO!!!! I must’ve been retarded to miss them!!! I memorized all their music and have all their CDs and movie and everything else you can think of!!!!! They were my inspiration with everything music, including writing music and getting into global music!!! All the music I like to write has the Spice Girls sound. I know every song they’ve ever written!!! And I missed THEM!!! It would’ve been my first concert but now Utada is my first…
whoops! Slipped up! But yea….I’M GOING TO THE UTADA CONCERT Tour!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Tickets went on sale yesterday in Chicago and I just HAD to buy them that day. So I’m going to be in the THIRD ROW section A!!!! I’m going to scream!!! I’ve been wanting to see her for the longest!!! And you know how CRAZY I am over Asia and Kingdom Hearts!!!! SO I am super excited. It’s also my first concert (because I didn’t go see SPICE GIRLS!!! wahhh!!! 😦 and also the reason I’m mad about seeing Utada first…) But hey, it gives me inspiration to write on Anime journal….The Tour is called "Utada In the Flesh 2010. In Chicago, it’s February 2, 2010!!! Too long to wait! bt it will be here before I know it…
Still mad i didn’t see the Spice Girls. I could kick myself over and over! I can’t live with the regret!! PLEASE SPICE GIRLS COME BACK AGAIN!!! I PROMISE I WILL SEE THIS TIME!!! And they were RIGHT in my hometown!!! I’m always the first to complain that my favorite singers never come to Chicago, but when they finally came, I didn’t EVEN GO!!! I’m such a doofus!! *bangs head against wall*

List of fandom in order:
1)Utada (because I love KH so much!!! So I love her too! I have all the merchandise, so…Utada includes)
2) Spice Girls (because they were my original inspiration and the first singers I ACTUALLY memorized all of their songs and loved dearly at a young age and would watch their MVs everyday)
3)MJ (just recently, but he’s too hot not to love. A successful black man with a voice and moves like that? I’m going to faint thinking of him! I’m weird, I know)
4)BoA (because she is the only singer that I have EVERY SINGLE ALBUM of and have seen every single performance. I even paid money to bring her to America…I watched all of interviews too…)

As far as music goes….

But fandom as far as other things…..
1) Kingdom Hearts (yes, again)
2)Cardcaptor Sakura (I love Clamp!)
3)Johnny Depp (I’ve watched every movie he’s been in! He’s SMEXY! I’ve always had a crush on him)
4)Huntchback of Notre Dame (Disney version, memorized the whole movie! I also memorized Lion King and Alice in Wonderland recently for KH month…)
5)Myazaki (love him!)
6)Bratz!! (Come back to me!!!)

Heck I’m obsessed with all things Asian!

1) Kingdom Hearts (and all things in it, including Johnny Depp)
2) Spice Girls
3)Recently Michael Jackson
4) BoA
5)Cardcaptor Sakura
6) Huntchback of Notre Dame
8)American Girls (heck that’s why I’m obsessed with history!!!)
9)Law and Order (I love investigating!)
10) Sherlock Holmes (particularly Hounds of the Baskerville)

Well, just keeping you updated! Check out my MJ playlist NOW! Also, check out Utada’s MV from This is the One!!!!! I also have her whole album posted up in Older Entries!!! It’s under "Utada gives a treat to the US" or something like that…


~Over and Out~


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