25 Nov

Alot on the brain lately and I just need to release and get my thoughts organized….Okay, so recently I’ve been splitting my time between my journal, my facebook (which my friends and posts have been rising), and my twitter. But it’s okay. I prefer this over texting, which those have been piling up. On top of all the college work I have to complete. But no worries…I usually get it all done. I also have to call two people that are important in my life…..

So anyway, today I ordered a couple of posters, some at unreasonable prices…but I love the posters. I am replacing all of my posters in my room. I don’t like anyone I posted up. I just found them in a magazine and put it up so my room wouldn’t look bare….but today I ordered the following:
1)Spice Girls
4)Kingdom Hearts
I’m waiting until the tour for my Utada poster…

So for the tour I was planning on doing something with my Plain Jane Hair. I was planning on streaking it blonde, and cutting some bangs. I want it to look FRESH just in case this is going on TV….so anyway, I’m super geeked. When I love something or someone, I love hard. That’s why I am shaky about relationships and take them seriously. I’m careful who I give my heart to. Or WHAT I give it in to….

Okay, so I haven’t been doing many strictly Anime-like things lately (not since anime club startled me with you-know-what). But yesterday, I did read the Detective Conan manga. FAVORITE CHAPTER EVA!!! I can’t wait until the rest is released.(BTW Who else is going to see the Sherlock Holmes movie? I AM!) Finally Ai Haibara is getting some recognition! I still have to finish Pet Shop of Horrors manga. And watch the following:
1)Paranoia Agent
3)Black Lagoon
4)Ghost in the Shell
5)Higashi no Eden (I believe it’s spelled right…)

Whats really bringing me down is the possibility of a NEW HISTORICAL American Girl!!! I’m pretty mad about that. It seems impossible, especially considering America doesn’t have a large history, and the most important eras have been covered. But hearing from other people, they make it seem possible, and they flash all this unconfirmed evidence! Well, I am excited about Laine, especially considering she just might be African American! But I’ll find out Dec. 28….but as far as the historicals….I just got Rebecca and don’t feel like waiting for another. They told me they weren’t making another right now…liars.
Well, I’m still in my MJ mode. I can’t stop listening to his music! It’s addictive. I’ve been listening so much I’ve been neglecting my drug: KINGDOM HEARTS!!! And I’m almost on Day 300! I need to hop to it!
Well, thats all thats been going on in my life. Why don’t you tell me about yours?
~Over and Out~
PS Have you noticed?

*Have you noticed the increasing number of Super hero movies? And they all end up being box office hits…ppl love action now…
*Have you noticed the popularity of Hannah Montana? What makes this girl so popular? She isn’t talented in any way…I don’t understand it. hmmm…maybe because she’s cute. And innocent…This girl just keeps building on the music charts. And remains the number one children’s television show. I still prefer the old Disney. Ya know Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, Thats So Raven even though thats several years after, etc…
*Have you noticed that decline in music sales? Is it because of free downloads? Thats the first excuse. But you can also blame MJ who has taken many singers themselves for a turn. He’s the only AA topping the carts right now.
*Do you notice that MJ is in every musical conversation on any message board or website? In the middle of a conversation about BoA, somebody mentioned MJ. I estimate that for every 2 message boards, somebody is/has talked about MJ.
Check out this sexy man!




~Truly over and out~


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