What Have you Done for Me Lately?

25 Nov

yea, the title has nothing to do wit the rest of this. But you know what I’m talking about below, if you know the singer who sang the song. It’s my actual first fandom fetish…Okay, so I finally got those fabulous posters…well only two came. Hopefully today, I get the other two posters. I got Kingdom Hearts and MJ! My two obsessions right now! So I can hold off on any other posters for now….
Anyway, I have progressed past Day 300 in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. And MAN is it getting weird! But at the same time, I sense the end is coming….and so I’m procrastinating. In the beginning, I was energetic. But I always know when Kingdom Hearts is reaching it’s end. I found out the hard way in KH as I eagerly passed through the worlds. I hate the KH endings. They are so sentimental, and they leave cliffhangers, and secret endings, THAT MAKE YOU WANT MORE, and then u anticipate having to spend more money! But it’s well worth it. The next installment is supposed to be out next year. Hopefully, I can afford it. Bad economy at my home…and college. Next year seems to be taking too long to get here! Then again, it’s already almost Thanksgiving Break…
My mother is going out of town, so I’ll be home with my sister! So what are we going to do? Party? No….I’m relying on her for college tuition. I’ll go out instead. I’m supposed to see Ninja Assassin with Rain in it! I will post that review up after I see it….
Come to think of it, I didn’t do a Review on MJ or Precious….but really, do I have to? I didn’t do a review on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or A Series of Unfortunate Events. But I did it on Twilight and Taking Lives, no relation to anime…
So anyway, I’m still addicted to MJ! I can’t help it! His voice is so attractive and MESMERIZING!!!! I can’t help but be swallowed up in the MJ fandom. I finally got the courage to even download Taylor Swift. Man, I hate mainstream! But MJ is just too sexy to ignore. His voice, his dancing….it just really TURNS ME ON!!! Seriously. If I lived in his day, there would be NO WAY I wouldn’t try to talk to him. I wish I had a time machine…
OH BTW! I need to make one change on the entry before the last about my fandom fetishes. Spice Girls was not the first songs I memorized….well, they were. But not my first fandom as a kid….Check that out again. It is under "MJ, Spice Girls, Utada" I think….. Please and thank u.
Got a psychology test today. I’m nervous! I failed the last one! Wish me well!
~Over and Out~


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