7 Dec

Okay, this is just an exciting NEWSFLASH for me! BoA did a cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean! I can’t believe it! Well she said she was always an MJ fan. But I mean in recent interviews she said she just remembers seeing him when she was little. She said her brother used to play all of his tapes. But apparently, she was a huge fan judging from this cover. And this song of all songs! Her love for the Jacksons (both Janet and MJ) are present in the following videos:

SWEET IMPACT (Smooth Criminal influence)

Similarities in between MJ’s dancing and BoA’s are present in this MV. BoA said it was MJ inspired. For instance, at 2:12 and 2:13, BoA goes on her toes, something MJ is known for!

When BoA heads to the past in the mv, many of the props and elements are present in Smooth Criminal. For instance, ahem, BoA has a very similar looking outfit: a white tuxedo with a matching white hat, and thick socks and short slacks. Also, towards the end, BoA is singing into a microphone, which MJ does himself. On top of that, this is in somewhat of an underground bar, similar to the MJ MV and people are all dancing in the middle.

Check out Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

This is one of the few MJ music videos that uses props to create the dance. Props were really more of his sister’s style….See the similarities?

Another is
I Did it For Love (I miss you much by Janet is similar)….But I’ll save that for another time…

I’m tired….

~Over and Out~


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