Food and Wine Festival at Epcot: Travel with Rick

7 Dec

I’ve seriously been wrapped up in these videos by TravelwithRick. I’m so addicted. It’s just…well, unlike most tours, it’s not boring! It’s very interesting! This particular segment has to do with Disney’s Food and Wine Festival at Disney World Epcot in Orlando, Florida! This video makes me want to get up and go right now! Rick and his friend Ryan from Rhino Wine went throughout most of all the "countries" that you can find when walking through Epcot. I wish I could taste the food and wine right about now! Just about one more year until I can drink! Man!
I’ve been to Epcot before. In fact, I’ve been to Disney World at least three times, and Florida at least SEVEN times! I LOVED Epcot, mostly because I love traveling, cultures, and history. So Epcot is my spot. I was kind of disappointed that Rick and Ryan didn’t go to Japan. I’m sure they have TONS of good wine. I mean, look at Detective Conan. I can name a few…..But Epcot is a big place to explore. Not to mention, it would just be too long to put on video camera. Better yet, fit into a whole day, which obviously, it looks like it took them two days to taste most of all of it. MOST. So…but I definitely would’ve gone to Japan. I mean, most of the countries are European influenced. Japan would’ve been quite interesting. Though, I think they went to Morocco. That’s in Africa, near Egypt, and even closer to Ethiopia. They also went to South Africa, but that’s heavily influenced by Europe. Well, I remember Morocco and Japan, not because they are not heavily influenced by Europe, but because well, each for different reasons. When we were headed to Morocco, it began to rain, so we ran under this beautifully tiled pavilion. It was the most magnificent thing ever! I also remember Japan. Why wouldn’t I? I’m a big Japan fanatic! That’s also the only place I thoroughly explored. My family was bored…they wanted to go to the "Magic Kingdom"…..But whatever. In "Japan" I saw how they cook clams, and then I saw all kinds of mangas and T-shirts. I bought a Rinoa doll from the Final Fantasy series. I wanted more, but it was so darn expensive. This had to have been about two years ago….It was fun!
So anyway, I’m about to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean one. I really liked that ride too! I’m wondering what their going to explore regarding that…
BTW if you haven’t noticed already, TravelwithRick MOSTLY talks about Disney segments. I love his Disney segments! Makes me want to go back there…even beyond drinking age. Guess it’s not just for kids after all…I love it anyway.

~Over and Out


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