10 Dec

Today is a double topic! I will need two entries to continue this point of topic. I know a lot of you are ready for my anime reviews. And so am I. But I haven’t had time to watch any….okay, I haven’t made time. First off, it is the week of college finals. Second, I have been worried about money. Third, I have been concerned about my Bratz collection. Fourth I have been trying to keep up with BoA, Utada, MJ, Spice Girls, my facebook, and twitter, and posters. Some seem very trivial but they interfere with my plans. Also, Kingdom Hearts………………………


This article stated that the court went too far with their original ruling. They
said they would let Mattel and MGA settle matters outside of court! yay! Check
it out!

YAY! We’re going to see Bratz again!!!!!!

PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The United States Court of Appeals for the
Ninth Circuit has stayed the recall of MGA Entertainment’s Bratz line and all
associated products. Under the stay, retailers will be able to continue selling
all of MGA Entertainment’s Bratz products. The order was filed by Chief Judge
Alex Kozinski and Circuit Judges Stephen S. Trott and Kim McLane Wardlaw
following an appellate hearing on the case earlier in the day.

"The Court’s stay is good news for all Bratz fans and for anyone who cares about
fair competition," said Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment. "It keeps Bratz
on the shelves, allows MGA Entertainment to continue meeting consumer demand for
new Bratz products, and prevents Mattel from taking control of the
billion-dollar international Bratz brand built by MGA Entertainment while the
Court makes its final decision. We are gratified by the Court’s decision and
look forward to receiving the Court’s decision on our appeal."

OMG! PEOPLE, I AM FRANTIC!!!! You know how far this has been bringing me down? Now it’s lifting me up,up,up! Guess what I heard he did? He pulled the race card! lol Minorities…*sigh* That’s all I have to say.
I also heard Mattel was supposed to release Bratz in April. I hope not. I would rather buy Moxie Girlz. Mattel, as much as they think it is their idea, just really NEVER had what it took to create that kind of doll. As much as some people said it would’ve been okay because at least Bratz would be around, they would no longer be Bratz under Mattel’s ruling. I think both Barbie and Bratz fans alike can agree on this:

1)Mattel is used to creating basic "trends" or "runway" fashions. That is not the Bratz. The Bratz take risks with their fashions, and have an eclectic style to them. They take "trends" to the next level. Whereas Barbie just wears…the trends.
2)Mattel’s attempt at "urbanizing" dolls have failed miserably. Let’s just face it. Mattel’s dolls lack edge or sass. Mattel is just not good at that kind of stuff. They always end up TOO girly or TOO hip hop…to the point of being ugly. They just aren’t "hip." Look at Flavas, Shani and Friends, and Myscene. Though Myscene was pretty, they lacked the sass and in-your-face style. They wore the trends, but they didn’t have a "passion for fashion." They were stylish, but not risky in color or style. They were just…trendy. Shani and Friends line is just too ordinary and obvious for me. I find the dolls to be tacky. They lack interesting styles. They look too…ordinary. Flavas was a disaster. They were the ugliest dolls ever. So, "urban" is not Mattel’s strong point. Bratz might end up in tacky fashions. Or they would just lack all of the feeling.
3)Mattel doesn’t listen to the ideas of it’s consumers. That’s a problem for a doll that’s supposed to keep up with the latest and take fashion risks. They don’t realize that that basic element contributed to the Bratz success. MGA listened to it’s consumers to create fashions that girls actually LIKE, not fashions they THINK girls should like.
4)Mattel would never take style risks. Why? Because they don’t take fashion doll risks at all. They want to please parents. And it’s that attitude that would make Bratz a failure. Mattel is used to pleasing a 6-9 audience. Bratz are for Tweens who don’t care about pleasing parents. And even though people argue that parents make the purchases, parents would be just as happy not to purchase a doll AT ALL, which would contribute to further decline. So, if the kids don’t like it, they won’t ask for it. So parents aren’t going to waste their money. Simple. It requires a different approach.
5)Bratz always had satire behind it’s movies. Could Mattel deliver? Berdine is about their pink Barbie dolls. Nope, wouldn’t work. They might even change the Bratz personalities, and make Cloe the center because they are not good at making ethnic dolls, and love blonde. OH! And they’ll get rid of Jade and replace her, like they do with all their dolls that sell the least. Cloe is going to go all "pink" on us, the very thing the Bratz stand AGAINST. Did it ever occur to Mattel that the reason why girls liked Bratz was because they DISLIKED Barbie? I don’t think they thought of that one…

There are several other reasons why Bratz wouldn’t deliver the same push under Mattel that it did under MGA, which is why I know Bratz is not Mattel’s idea.

Check this out it’s the live court case, which makes sense.
BTW The Princess and the Frog comes out tomorrow! Be prepared! Can’t wait for this weekend!
My second article was going to be on how blondes rule the world. I mean, it seems the only reason Miley Cyrus got famous was because of the blonde wig. Beyonce had to dye her hair blonde to become big. Britney, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga…they are popular because they were blonde. And then you see a darker skinned, dark haired person try to become successful and they struggle. It’s because the world thinks the closer people are to the "light" the more "Angelic" they are. Particularly women. Tall dark, and handsome is attractive for men. Didn’t you notice that it’s harder for a light-skinned blonde boy to break the music industry over a darker man? Emo is in for men….
Oh well, I’m going to melt in my happiness today! I am SO happy!

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