American Girl 2010: Blonde! Bratz 2010: Blonde! Music Industry: Blonde! WTF?! :(

15 Dec

I am officially…I can’t even describe the feeling….I am so mad about this lately. It shows that our world has not come very far.But why do blondes rule the world?
And before you argue this down, this is true. Society seems to think that the only female (or good-looking one at that) is a blonde female. You want proof society thinks this way? It’s not the media’s fault anymore, no way. It’s the CONSUMER’S fault. The first noticeable thing is the music world.

I have been trying to support my Asian artists for a long time. But it’s so difficult. Why? It’s not because they lack talent. It’s because they aren’t "pretty enough." In everyone’s psychological mind, it tells them "buy Britney Spears, Buy Lady Gaga, Buy Taylor Swift, Buy Justin Beiber, Buy Madonna" instead of "Buy Jennifer Hudson, Buy BoA, Buy Utada, Buy Prima J, Buy Janet." And all of those people actually have more talent. What makes Britney Stupid, Gag, Bimbo Swift, and the kid so much better? Their hair color. None of them have much talent. Especially not compared to the people mentioned above. So why do they succeed? There’s only one explanation: blondes rule the world. The world hates variety.
britney spears Pictures, Images and Photos
Why do you think Avril Lavigne could set the tomboy look, but BoA was trashed? Cuz she’s not blonde. Avril is.
Eat You Up Pictures, Images and Photos

Avril Lavigne... Pictures, Images and Photos

For some reason, our children who support these things, seem to think a blonde is the prettiest, and other hair colors lack in unique or beautiful traits.

Forget that, blondes are not the most gorgeous in the world. So why does everyone give them love and support, and leave everyone else high and dry.

Even Miley Cyrus got big from wearing the blonde wig. You think she would’ve been popular if she’d started off with her REAL hair? No!
Hannah Montana Pictures, Images and Photos

Miley Cyrus Pictures, Images and Photos

Beyonce didn’t get big until she dyed her hair gold! Get the picture?
beyonce Pictures, Images and Photos

And recently, after my excitement about the first African American American Girl doll, WHO DOES LANIE TURN OUT TO BE? BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like FREAKING JULIE, when THAT was supposed to be our Asian doll!!!
american girl julie Pictures, Images and Photos
This just makes me blow a fuse!!!
Not only am I disappointed in the lack of variety from Mattel, but the lack of creativity. Then again, Mattel is the creators of BARBIE!! They only promote blondes.
princess Pictures, Images and Photos
Hasn’t anyone noticed? All of the singers topping the charts are BLONDE! This brainwash! Why should the world only view blondes as pretty? Why should we encourage that idea in our children? There are many types of looks, and many views of gorgeous! Blonde does not mean pretty. So whats up society?!
This is the reason I don’t want Mattel taking over Bratz. Then, Cloe is going to take over, and the whole idea of Bratz will be lost! They’re going to get rid of all the mixed dolls, and replace them with white, blondes!

Bratz was the only line where the blonde was not the most successful doll.
Bratz Girls really rock Pictures, Images and Photos

And Mattel is going to throw that away and screw THAT up! American Girl USED to be like that, until Mattel got rid of the most successful doll who was a brunette, Samantha, and replaced her with ALL THESE BLONDES!
This REALLY makes me mad, and shows that our world has not come very far. Beauty is still "blonde, white, and blue-green eyes."
When will it change? Dark-skinned, brunettes should be in that spot. There’s more of that in the world than BLONDES! And yet….ugh! It’s just aggravating how people think!

Another example:
Lady Gaga and BoA promoted their albums the same way with electronic music at the Gay Pride Festival. But oly one became famous from it. Guess who?

Another Example:
BoA and Haley made a similar song. They used the same background. She sang it as "Buddha’s Delight" from the movie Music&Lyrics (a sluttier version, with no meaning, or talent).

BoA sang it as "Did Ya" (a more powerful version, where she can actually sing…) But who gets more credentials? The no-talent, non-singing, blonde slut does! And BoA’s actually sounds better!

So I conclude by saying, I am sick of this blonde society. And I’ll be glad when there finally is a world where every color is treated as equally lovely in everyone’s eyes. The hair color should not determine a person’s success, money, or consumer demand, and yet it does.

All I say is people better start re-evaluating themselves.

~Over and Out~


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