charanalysis: TARGET: Gin (Detective Conan)

25 Jan


Okay, I know that I have been just a little off topic lately, when I have been posting. But it’s been hard on me lately because my computer is currently under construction. So whenever I can get a hold of someone else’s computer, I get ahold of it…

So anyway, I’m back to doing charanalysis. The character I chose this time was the character I told you I’d be doing: Gin.

Gin is the main antagonist and villain of Detective Conan. He is the main leader of a crime syndicate known as The Black Organization. Shinichi Kudo, a 17 year old high school detective, followed Gin and his partner, Vodka, down an alleyway, thinking he was going to bust some gang activity. Gin discovered him, knocked him out, and forced a pill down his throat. Thinking the pill was going to kill him, Gin left before the police could find him. Instead, the pill caused a rare condition that shrunk a person to the kindergarten state…meaning shrink people back to when they were 7 or 8 years old. It wasn’t until Shiho Miyano, codenamed Sherry, rebelled against the organization, that Gin began to question the "died-by-pill" list. Miyano created the pill, and used it to escape the organization. Gin now wonders how she escapes, which makes him angry because no one has EVER escaped his clutches. So now he continues to assassin traitors calmly as he searches for Shiho Miyano.

Gin is one gangsta. No one knows Gin’s real name, but Gin is his codename. All important members have codenames, named after alcoholic beverages. He is no punk. He mercilessly kills and doesn’t often waste time doing so…though he may waste time spatting out proverbs and long-winded theories or suggestions…but he’s shooting while he does so. Gin is witty, clever, and has some superb deducing skills. He’s a good as a detective and can get enough evidence to disprove a detective as fast as they think they can prove him. The cool think about this character is he’s the one of the only characters who is just as smart as Shinichi is. In fact, he is not even that intimidated by Shinichi.

His rival is Akai Shuichi. Akai used to be his partner under the codename of Rye. It turned out Rye was apart of the FBI and on his way to busting the BO. But Gin was so clever, he figured it out. Gin is so goon that he notices small details that help him escape the clutches of the cops. His personality is swift and cold-blooded. He shows no sympathy. In fact, he’s the only person in the whole show that has killed a hero….He knows what he wants and he goes for it:pure blood. Thats gangsta. Maybe that’s why he’s an executive member…

But aside from his awesome personality traits, he has some pretty unique character traits. Every DC fan you talk to knows who Gin is. It’s hard to miss him. He is always wearing a long trench coat, and a black hat. Of course, everyone in the BO where black, that’s where they get that nickname (the real name is unknown). But Gin, oh, he stands out. He has long blonde (now silver??? not ’cause he’s old) hair, that falls over his face, his piercing blue eye somewhat staring through. Aside from his look, he has some awesome accessories. He carries his silencer handgun, his Beretta M1934…silent but DEADLY…and he drives his 1950s Porsche 356A. He is infamous for that Porshe.

And that’s just it.

How can the police be so stupid as to not recognize something that obvious? I mean, how many people drive a 50s style Porshe? That just shows how confident he is in his abilities. Almost mocking the police, really. lol It’s just like telling the police "you couldn’t catch me even if I was broadcasting my crimes by driving down your street in my obviously unique Porsche"….it’s awesome. The only two people who know that it’s his car is Shinichi and Shuichi. And I’m starting to think it’s not because they’re smart, but that everyone else is stupid…

So anyway, this character was chosen as a target for charanalysis because he is one of those villains that just needs attention. He is unique of most shonen villains in the fact that he is not easily whooped by the hero within one season. He actually is hard to kill in more than 500+ episodes! Not to mention over 60+ Volumes!!! Andall is still ongoing…so this villain is still alive, and has been since 1994, I believe? So yea, if there ever is a villain that is so goon that the hero hasn’t killed him since the 90s, he deserves recognition.

~Over and Out~





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