charanalysis: TARGET: Kazuya Shibuya, Lin Koujo, Houshou Takigawa, Ayako Matsuzaki, John Brown, Hara

25 Jan

This is another charanalysis. Yes it is.


The charanalysis character I chose is from one of my favorite Shojos: Ghost Hunt. And who did I choose?

I couldn’t decide between all 7/8 of the main characters! There has never been a show where I enjoy each character for their own unique abilities. All of them strike me as unique. And so I dubb Ghost Hunt for having the most unique characters out of all the animes I’ve seen. The character development is distincive, different, and just plain old interesting.

The main characters being: Kazuya Shibuya, Lin Koujo, Houshou Takigawa, Ayako Matsuzaki, John Brown, Hara Masako, Osama Yasuhara.

Ghost Hunt is about 8 psychic detectives, a crew, that investigates paranormal activity called SPR (Shibuya Psychic Research). Mai, a normal 14 year old high school girl, is interested in ghost stories. She goes into a building that has been rumored to be haunted and ends up injuring one of the investigators, Lin. She is asked to stand in for him by the head of the unit, 17 year old Shibuya. Ever since, she’s had exciting, thrilling, and horrifying adventures. She was so excited about it that she continued to be involved even after Lin got better.

Yes, though Mai is the main character, she is the worst character in the whole series. Really, she’s unique in the show because there is NOTHING unique about her character. If you look at her, you might see her personality, romantic views, look, and other aspects in other shojo anime series.

But the other characters are quite contrary. Without Mai, this story would be full of fascinating, unique, and different characters. Ghost Hunt has created some pretty genius characters for a shojo. Nothing is cliche about them.

Shibuya, though yes,the strong silent type, we just have to have one of those, is also the strongest psychic ever, and yet, the most vulnerable. Unbeknownst to the main character, he is really the famous Oliver Davis according to the novel, and is master in the art of clairvoyancy. So ghosts cling themslves to him. Shibuya is a butthole. He keeps his stony demeanor in all circumstances…oh, and wait, all the ladies love him. I think women really do love buttholes. That’s why they try to pretend that their hearts are broken when they realize they were stupid for liking them, but really it’s the pride for looking stupid for all the years you put into a butthole. Always go for the geeks, nerds, and wimps. They’ll treat you better. Shibuya is handsome, of course, and young.

Lin is also interesting. Lin is even quieter than Shibuya. Lin and Shibuya go way back. They were the original team. Lin is from China, and has somewhat of a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to Japanese people. And yet, he seems to be helping them out. I don’t think Shibuya is from Japan…but okay. So, anyway, he is probably the oldest in the crew, and he has hair covering his eyes. He is intense and grouchy. VERY INTIMIDATING. He is known to have some sort of exorcising power, summoning power, just a wide range of powers that can help him deal with ghosts.

Houshou Takigawa, also known as Bou, is the funny man. He’s in his mid-20s. He’s part Buddhist monk/pop star. He seems to have many hobbies, his main one being music. He was kicked out of the shrines because of his music obsession…and the fact he wanted his hair…but it didn’t take away his impeccable exorcising abilities. He is quite powerful, and ranks among the best in this anime. He even often is the one in charge when Shibuya is away, ironically. Since Lin is like, Shibuya’s right-hand man, you would think…but anyway, Bou is a funny man and often like the big brother to Mai. He taught Mai how to exorcise spirits….He’s the dirty-blonde, with the earring.

Ayako Matsuzaki is next. She is a part-time shinto miko priestess, but her powers never seem to work until the end. It’s partially because she needs nature, more specifically trees, around for it to be effective, and most of the time they are indoors. However, I also think it’s because she doesn’t have much experience. She’s self-proclaimed because she never actually LIVED in a shrine…
Her personality is feisty, outspoken, and tough. She is also in her 20s, and she at first felt all the women around Shibuya, often called Naru, were her competition, and looked at them as rivals. But she is older, so she doesn’t rival too much. She can be mature, and often takes on the big sister role, counter that of Bou…She is the tall red-headed chick, hard to miss her.

John Brown is the young, 19 year old Catholic priest from Australia. He speaks strangely. His accent doesn’t fit well with speaking Japanese, and so he’s often misunderstood. But he’s the nice guy. He also has a sense of humor that is different…and yet funny. He’s also close with Mai. I personally think Mai should get her mind off of Shibuya, and onto hi, but this is shojo…He has short, light blonde hair. It’s hard to miss him. He looks like a nerd with the collared shirts and sweaters.

Hara Masako is my personal favorite character. If ever there was an interesting character, it is her. She is quite inspirational. She is a famous Television medium (reminds me of Kohane from XXXHolic, my next target). She is elegant, intelligent, graceful, and always knows what she’s talking about…did I mention she’s also SUPER dramatic? This almost self-absorbed attitude makes her the target of many spirits to possess her, much like Shibuya. In fact, her and Shibuya are really close, much to Mai’s dismay. Masako is also 17, famous and, oh, she pays for SPR. So she always gets Shibuya to do what she wants. Sheis unique not only in personality, but in looks. She wears a traditional japanese style kimono. She is reserved and dignified on the outside, but on the inside…she’s a little eccentric. Love her! Also good to note that she can sense a spirit the moment she walks in the building, and can exorcise them too.

Osama is last. He comes later in the series. He’s the only one withoutspiritual powers, but he has super remarkable brains. I believe he is 16 or 17. He is a high-achieving student, and it’s his brains that serve as the help to SPR. He does all the background research of an area before they get there. He also isn’t a target for much of the happenings for some reason…so I guess he’s pretty lucky. The team found him on a case, and ever since he’s been following, much like Mai. They have more in common. He is sarcastic, but clever and witty. He is the SUPER INTELLIGENT NERD who is also handsome…

So yea, I think what makes these characters so unique is the fact that they are so charming in their own right. They each have something that is special to them. They have a distinct power, and they make a great team. It’s hard to see one without the other. It’s like a paranormal Law and Order…If only they would get rid of Mai, the characters would be nearly perfect. How can you have all of these excellent supporting characters, and a wack main character? It seems it’s common in shojos and shonens.

But no matter.

*Over and Out




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