Interesting topic: American Girl Kirsten and short movies on youtube

25 Jan

My growing distaste for Mattel grows EVERMORE! But the more I look at this generation, I really grow a distaste for these kids for today. First off, I have to vent that these kids don’t really care for authentic things. They like TRASH like Twilight and Hannah Montana and just the stupidest stuff, with the “no-talent actors/actresses/singers” or quality items….nothing. They have no sense of taste. And they trash REAL quality. They are so backwards it’s sickening!

Today’s rant is on MATTEL’S recent retirement of precious dolls, the original American Girls, Samantha and Kirsten. There is speculation Molly will go next, heaven say this is a lie!

But I can’t feel very optimistic right now about this situation. Because every time I try to be optimistic, Mattel disappoints me. I really am starting to dislike the way they work. It is the reason I have stopped purchasing things from them. This recent article showed the growing concern of American Girl fans:

Apparently, most of the fans are young adults and older. In their 20s. Like me, soon. They are the ones most disappointed. The kiddies just pounce past. And even though the article states that maybe this generation is past them, I think that is the problem on Mattel’s part. If they don’t SHOW how important the dolls are, the kids won’t see the importance. If the dolls were there, the kids would care. Besides, it’s the adults that buy them anyway. If adults care, they should have a say-so too.

The article says that Mattel said they are trying to make room for more historicals, which I dread a useless time in the near future. I think they mean best friend dolls, though. It might be Sarah…one can wish. But this is Mattel, the racist doll capital of the century! How much you want to bet that the next doll is going to have curls? Have green or blue eyes, maybe hazel? Become another BLONDE?! I think fans should rise up against this! We should demand Mattel to listen to our voices. That has always been their problem. They refuse to listen to consumers, and listen to their staff, and end up hurting more. Thats the one thing MGA has over Mattel, and the reason Bratz would not succeed in Mattel’s world of “Rise over Run” Methods, which means they override fans’ thinking to achieve what they feel is successful. They’ll find themselves in the poor house soon…

I think the speculation that they are putting more emphasis on the “Just Like You” dolls is the correct answer. BINGO! They want to pretend that they still have the consumer’s interest at heart, but really, Mattel is all ABOUT THE MONEY. Not necessarily what sells at the moment, but what can go for profit quickly if they announce “a discontinuation.” Look how fast Sam and Kirsten sold. I’m glad I have my Samantha. I’d be very upset if I didn’t. Mattel doesn’t care about the sentimentality of the dolls, or their value educationally, or how much meaning they have to the original creator. THEY DON”T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING. They are selfish buttholes. But apparently, this generation LOVES that. you don’t get anywhere being fair, do ya?…

Then again, this is a recession, and desperate times calls for desperate measures. you know what? I think it’s time to end the American Girls. I’d rather see no American Girls, than dolls created by Mattel.

yep, I think that’s best. I wanted them to stay because of the movies, but now that Kirsten is gone without a movie, I’ll pass on all other movies.

Well, enjoy this short films on youtube, they have a lot of meaning. I’m suddenly addicted.



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