The Gist of Michael Jackson

25 Jan

I recently have been having mixed feelings about the MGA vs. Mattel thing because now it seems they’ll BOTH be making the Bratz! That will be quite strange, but hey, as long as MGA has some part. Maybe finally they can get along. But what does that mean for the fate of myscene? We’ll see….

So anyway, I’m actually dedicating this to Michael Jackson and his deep lyrics. After carefully listening to his music, I’ve noticed that he constantly uses the following elements:
1) Girls
2)Helping the Earth
3)Stop violence
4)Music and Dancing
5)Media Pressure
6)His past

Michael not only talks about women in a loving way, like saying how women are beautiful, or saying how he will love them like in P.Y.T or in The way you make me feel. But he also shows references to certain women in general constantly throughout his albums. These women can either be symbolic, direct, or representing other women.
The most noticeable is Billy Jean. Billy Jean has been mentioned many times as being someone who wants MJ to be her "baby daddy." She is someone who spreads lies about her just because MJ got too close to her, even though they did nothing. Not only was she mentioned in Billy Jean but also in Wanna Be Startin Something.
The next woman mentioned is Diana. Diana is a woman who is mentioned to be a woman whore who sleeps around with men. She loves when famous men come to town so she can sleep around with them. She isn’t faithful. And she constantly disappoints MJ. She was mentioned in Dirty Diana and the MV of Who is It.
The next woman is Annie. She is either a little girl or a young woman. She was either raped by a dirty man, and was killed. Or just killed. She was mentioned in Smooth Criminal.
Susie is the next girl mentioned. Susie is someone who is out to get MJ. She pretends to be a friend but really she is out to kill his reputation. She was mentioned in Blood on the Dancefloor.
Sally was mentioned as well. Sally has a hard life and seems to be MJ’s favorite. She was mentioned in MJ’s album Invincible, Blood on the Dancefloor, and Dangerous. Sally is sexy though…

Helping the Earth
MJ is always trying to use his music to bring attention to earth’s causes. Heal the world, Man in the Mirror, Smile, and several others promote his ideal world.

Stop Violence
Moreso in his earlier works MJ’s music, which is also part of his help te earth scheme. Beat It and Bad are ways for him to say that being a man isn’t about killing, blood, and fighting. I guess people have called him a wimp because he’s not aggressive in the least bit.

Music and Dancing
Yes, of course! The king of pop loved his music. Off the Wall was about letting go and just dancing. MJ was into his music and took it very seriously, as an artist. He loved to sing. And he had a lot of talent.

Media Pressure
MJ had many songs about Media Pressure. Blood on the Dancefloor the Album seemed to be dedicated to that the most, though other albums showed his distaste of it. But songs like Scream ft Janet, Leave Me Alone, D.S. (Don Stanton, which was outright and straightforward), Speed Demon, Ghost, They Don’t Really Care About Us, Is it Scary, Blood on the Dancefloor. Everybody was just out to get MJ, but believe it or not, much of that media pressure made him famous too.

Past and Life
MJ talked about his past sometimes. Childhood was all about his wack past, and how he didn’t have a very nice childhood and how he was abused as a child. Gone Too Soon was about a boy he knew who had aids. And often sprinkled here and there in other songs he would talk about his feelings like Stranger in Moscow, Why, You are not Alone.

So MJ was an expressive dude. And if you ever get the time to do so, you should really listen to his music. It actually has meaning, unlike the music of today…







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