Alice in Wonderland Review and other movies to anticipate!

20 Mar

Saw Alice in Wonderland today. And all I have to say it "That’s what I’m talking about." In a good way. I would see it again.

There are so many different reasons why I loved it. Number 1, the story was interesting. Okay, there was nothing particularly different about this story and any other adventure/fantasy satirical story I’ve seen like Wizard of Qz, Peter Pan, or Gulliver’s Travels. But I have to say what it was interesting based on the way Tim Burton presented the satire. Very similar to the book, more than the Disney version.

I did feel it was rather choppy, but when i think about Alice in Wonderland, I shouldn’t expect it to make sense and come together to form something that isn’t nonsense, if that makes any sense…

sheesh…I’ve been hypnotized in my thinking by that movie…oh, wait, we aren’t influenced by what we see….::) *hiding sarcasm*

I’m being sarcastic about that because someone I’ve been talking to on a Detective Conan message board doesn’t think humans are influenced and have different experiences. He just thinks we do things for no reason, just to do them….

So anyway, back on topic. I think Tim Burton did an excellent job at making this seem as confusing and as unrealistic as a dream, and yet making it real, using his secret ingredient: Bring a person into a world different from their own, and help them learn how to cope with their own worlds. Also, his secret Actor and Actress: Johnny Depp, his best friend, and his wife, Helena Carter. All of that completes his life story.

Aside from that, the side dish is Disney, and whenever it is a Disney movie, yea it’s going to be usually too epic, where the main character triumphs no matter what and follows their dreams…but the story always has a meaning and a point.

The story was of the now 19 year old Alice who doesn’t fit into society, judging by her EXPERIENCES and INFLUENCES as a child with battling large villains in her dream world called Wonderland, she’s much more open-minded. This makes her seem crazy to everyone, because she has different ideas about how a woman should act (and I mean REALLY different). She is asked for her hand in marriage one day, and runs away, escaping to Wonderland to find her fate, only to find she had forgotten everything about Wonderland once she lands in the hole.

The world in wonderland mirrors the outside world. Even the land’s name is "London" spelled backwards, holding true to the original story. There are people who follow trends, even when the trends are stupid, and most of those people are fake. There is the person who gets their head blown up by a man, and who thinks she’s better because she is the oldest. She’s also spoiled and rotten…There is the "little mouse" who wants to do big things but is only too small to conquer the more powerful, wealthy, and prestigious. There is the person who seems to know more about the world than people think. And the most mad of people were the best kind of people. There is also the two type of idiots who are each other’s possy…the woman who thinks having a boyfriend is the most important thing in life, and she stupidly thinks marriage is so beautiful, when her husband is cheating on her, because the "bigger the woman is" the more they like them. Women who give men a play get dumped first. The women with strong minds are always more successful. And then there’s the woman who only sees imperfections in everything, and is self-centered.

Alice is my idea of the perfect heroine. Why can’t people get with the program? This is the one movie where an unnecessary romance wasn’t thrown into it to make it interesting, and the girl is 19! Just because a girl is 19 years old doesn’t mean she has to get a man if she doesn’t want to. People often think it’s a requirement to date and get married, but Alice is a woman with places to go and things to do, and doesn’t need a man to complete her. She just doesn’t have to settle down with some random guy to reach her dreams. She is a strong-minded girl who can slay her own dragons, and I absolutely loved it! She was not gaga-ing over some guy, pumping his prode up, and throwing in some unnecessary love scene! That gets very annoying as I’m sure you can tell….

I also saw the movie in 3-D, and it’s the best kind of movie to see in 3-D. People were clapping at the end.;) lol A lot of effects were involved, and action scenes that brought this world to life.

This reminds me, can’t forget the Disney elements! Disney is captivating with it’s unique variety of characters, with certain traits and attachments to the world they were created for. They also never fail to have those characters play a role in the final battle of helping to defeat the villain…sounds like Kingdom Hearts…

The movie was good, I have to hand it to Tim Burton and Disney.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tron, The Karate Kid, The Last Airbender, possibly Diary of a wimpy Kid, Why did I get Married Too, Toy Story 3, Robin Hood, and Tekken. So, my year is filled with moves, hehe.

Recommend you go watch Alice. It’s…fantastical!

~Over and Out~


2 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Review and other movies to anticipate!”

  1. chankansin 2010/03/22 at 11:18 #

    The day is not far when these movies will come on dish network, and we have theater like experience at home.


    • soratothamax 2010/05/10 at 20:03 #

      LATE, LATE Reply! lol
      Yea, soon there won’t be a need for going to the movies…well, unless you really want to experience that big of a screen…A home can’t always fit that big of a screen anywhere….yet.


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