BoA Identity Tour on WoWow TV Channel 5/11, 6/14

13 May

BoA Identity Tour on WoWow TV!!! 5/11, 6/14

I forgot to tell everybody about this May 11! Her Identity Tour aired on WoWow tv channel, and I must say it was fabulous! She sang so much better. I felt that this was also better because this was the real her. I hated the fake BoA. I love the real one!

(but I am mad they didn’t air ALL of the songs…)

But I’m thankful I saw it at all, considering I don’t live in Japan. It was actually streamed for international fans, which is another messed up part.


But don’t fret! BoA will be airing again on June 16, 8:00 PM Tokyo time! (convert time for international fans in your area).

Information Below:

So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I wanted to see Fallin, and another new song that was supposed to be performed, but they didn’t air it…:( But I did enjoy Lazer, IZM, Neko Love, Smile Again (because I’m biased), Bump Bump, and This is Who I Am. I’m posting a bit up for you.

~Over and Out~




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