AVATAR: why no review? I’ll tell you why…

14 May

Watch the vid I posted before this!! It’s better than this piece of crap I’m posting!

Okay for those of you who get you itty witty feelings hurt everytime someone criticizes something, don’t read. But for those of you who want to take different opinions into account, listen up.

People are asking me this over and over: Why didn’t you do an Avatar movie review?

First off, think about this question: Why didn’t I WATCH Avatar like everyone else did?

1) I hate mainstream. When everyone starts to talk about it, I start to back away, especially if it never appealed to me to begin with. The reason it didn’t appeal to me because I’m tired of the same type of movies…

It’s a pretty predictable movie, there is proof below:

2) Also, well, it’s a FoX movie. And well, if you’ve read my last posts…Fox movies are cliche…and predictable. They also make the heroes come in too quick and kill everyone. Maybe they do better with movies that aren’t based on video games or animes or books, but most of all of their movies have sucked recently. So I know what to expect when I see Avatar: don’t expect too much. It really didn’t appeal to me before, but then when I found out it was Fox yesterday, I was like "Oh, that why…"

So anyway that’s all I have to say to that.

Over and Out~


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