16 May


Next on my anime craze list!



Okay this is actually about Avatar. I finally saw the movie. And after seeing I have to say it was an AWESOME movie!

Story development was excellent. It didn’t totally distract the audience by putting pointless comedy and sex scenes…wait…maybe it did…

Well anyway, the music was epic, though forgettable. I thought the character development was fantastically well put together: I mean who has ever seen a woman fight like the Avatar women?…okay Maid Mariam from Robin Hood maybe (which btw I LOVED!)…okay wheel chair guy! He was unique! But I had a problem….so because he was in a wheel chair he couldn’t kill the main guy? They had to get the girl to do it? See if he had legs, he would’ve been the one to save the day. OH but because he was walking on no legs he was less of a man and had to wait for some chick to save him?….okay…I’m done with that rant…

But overall it was really good.

Did it remind me of other movies? yes.

Atlantis the Lost Empire.



complete with black girl and idiot main character.

Princess Mononoke.



Complete with ruthless money hungry leader, forest chick, and guy who is lost with the whole ordeal…

Planet of the Apes.


Complete with FOX and weird women who talk strange…



Someone even said Pocahontas….


Yea, the whole human technology vs nature thing has been tried already. People have been trying to spread that message in movies since the 20th Century.

And you would think people would actually get the message and stop killing off the natives in favor of their technology, and kind of help our planet…but no, they go into a movie, laugh, cry, and come out saying \"oh that was such a great movie. And then go back to doing the same thing they always did…It reminds me of that Boondocks episode 1 where Huey was trying to tell the rich white folks about 911 and Ronald Reagan but all they did was laugh and clap…

So anyway, maybe by the future, people will get the bigger picture…I mean this does take place in the year 2154. Did anyone also notice that the wheel chair guy was born August 24?


Well anyway, I have to kind of hand it to FOX…though I give all credit to the director…but hey at least they chose a better director this time.

But lets think about a more "on topic" Avatar: The Last Airbender…



~Over and Out~


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