Homosexuality-What does it mean? How should we Feel About it?

23 Jun

The whole idea of homosexuality is very political, and I hate political debates. But I do have opinions, so…

1)What does being homosexual mean to people today?

Well, in the past, it was something considered abnormal, uncommon, and unusual. People didn’t openly express it….then again, people didn’t openly express sexuality with one another period, especially if they were Christians.

Now, it’s still a little unusual to some people. But it’s not quite uncommon or abnormal. One thing we can say about the youngest generation (ages now 16-27) is that they don’t care about your choice of sexuality, and there are many within that age range who wouldn’t mind even having the experience. This generation is born from Late August 1983 to about Early August 1995, as it has been stated on many astro and even wikipedia sites, that this generation doesn’t mind any form of sexuality, as long as it is sex. It could be because with that generation, sex is beautiful, and should be spread to all….who knows. Or maybe what has been openly exposed to them on the television at young ages….for whatever reason, that generation finds sex an interesting topic at all times, they find unusual sex not only fascinating, but different, rebellious, and are often curious.

Of course, there are still plenty of people who detest the ACT of homosexuality. There are still plenty of people who wouldn’t choose it as a path for themselves. And there are still a small fraction of people who believe it is a fad, like the Hippie days…

But regardless of people’s personal feelings towards it, some parts of the world have come to accept it…well mostly the US. Most employees are expected to ignore personal preferences regarding sexuality,unlike in the past, and hire more on the basis of skill and talents. People are more willing to accept it nowadays, now more than ever before. It is now another act of prejudice if they are treated differently. Also, homosexuals are not ashamed anymore. Just as regular people nowadays have no shame in expressing their sexual preferences, gays don’t mind either. It is not uncommon to see many homosexual people walking down the street who have confessed their sexual ideas.

2) If it is supposed to be acceptable, why is there still controversy? why are people so prejudiced of them?

Well, while many people just accept that there will be homosexuals, it’s more on the lines of just people ignore them. In the past, some of them were lynched and even burned by the KKK….but we won’t get into that.

However, there are still laws stopping gays from getting married. And many religions turn them away. The thing is, there are still people who have their objections. I think both sides should consider the arguments in order to fight them. Both sexualities tend to be a little hostile if you don’t agree with them, so think about it a little.

My argument for the Homosexuals in the USA:

1) Marriage should be a right for anyone who is in love. Why discriminate? Why should a country who says that they want everyone to have liberal rights, freedom of religion, and equality as long as it doesn’t harm anyone not allow homosexuals those same rights? They aren’t physically harming anyone. They are doing what they desire. People in this nation have done more harm to themselves and their environment than homosexuals could possibly do to the nation. Instead of holding back gays, who only want to get married, they should think about how the US allows people to drink all kinds of alcohol or allows greedy business owners to handle oil and cause natural oil disasters like the Oil Crises. That does more harm than two people of the same sex getting married, and yet the same people who want to throw the Bible in a gay person’s face don’t condemn greed in the US. Neither do they condemn getting drunk on New Years Eve. The same people who claim Holy during the time to ridicule a homosexual person are the worst at following the principles of the Bible. While being gay is not my preference, I see no reason not to allow them the rights to do what they want. If other more criminal things can be allowed to allow people to live comfortable lives, then why not let them live comfortable lives? Of course, marriage isn’t totally a big thing anymore. But if people want to do it, then they shouldn’t be denied their rights. Heterosexuals argue that if we are going to allow same sex marriage, we might as well allow an animal to marry a human, or a 12 year old to marry a 20 year old. Well, in my personal opinion, if the people feel that the other loves them, whether it be an animal, a younger person, or the opposite sex,  I don’t see anything wrong with it. If the two people said they loved each other, why not? I feel if we question those, why allow alcohol consumption? And cigarette use? The driving of polluted cars in our atmosphere? And while, yes, all of those are even more damaging, I don’t see anyone planning to give those up so soon. So if they want people to live happily, give them their rights.

2) While being gay doesn’t seem to harm anyone, in one way it does. In long term thinking, it puts a halt on natural reproduction and the continuation of human kind, which in turn could mean the end of the human race. We actually need someone to produce children. Though homosexuals are still a minority, ideas spread. If you think they don’t, you’re a fool. Look how many people around the world have fallen in love with Justin Beiber? Look how many people have gotten into the World Cup? Ideas spread and can influence others. If the idea of homosexuality spreads, and more and more people get involved with it, less and less people will be producing babies. Population will decline. Now if you are a person who doesn’t plan for the future, or a person who doesn’t care what happens to the human race because we’re all going to die anyway….then hey, go for whatever you know and care about. If you are a person who wants to keep the human race alive as long as possible…and you are pretty conservative when it comes to drinking, smoking, or anything else…I don’t blame you. I want to live healthy as long as possible too. I believe that we need natural reproduction if we want to keep the human race alive.

This is why I personally believe marriage and sex are not only tools for pleasure, but a responsibility. They’re our way of giving back to the earth. I believe even if humans truly don’t want to, we really have to have heterosexual intercourse if we want to keep the human race alive.

However, this same problem that homosexuals have apply also to people who choose not to or cannot have children, like me for instance, or choose not to have sex at all. It also contributes to population decline. And if you are a conservative person, you disagree with my ideas about that. But me personally, I have my own religion and my views on the future of the human race, and I base my ideas on that. To add, hey, everyone dies, so some people want to live while they are alive.

Aside from that, the one disturbing thought that I really don’t agree with some homosexual people is the claim that science can produce babies for us, and with vaccinations babies live longer and so we are overpopulated, and so can pursue what we desire much more. But that makes me uneasy. Do we really want to trust humans with that completely? Do we want another oil spill like crisis? At least with natural reproduction we are certain we are in control of the wheel and certain we can produce something. It is natural for some people, others can’t have children….but unfortunately it is the most efficient way to have them. It’s the way every species on the earth has kids: natural reproduction.

Others say we can adopt kids, but someone needs to produce kids to adopt….and while I am a fan of sperm donors, I know science has a tendency to “malfunction.”

As to the reason I think same sex marriage doesn’t exist in the USA….is because I still think the government claims America to be a Catholic/Protestant Christian nation. And, well, there is a passage in the Bible in Genesis 19:4,5 where men wanted to have intercourse with other men in Sodom and Gomorrah and God said the whole city except for Lot and his daughters were gross sinners and bad in Genesis 13:13, and God destroyed that city…..Leviticus 18:22 says specifically, “you must not lie down with a man the same as you do a woman…” So anyone who is Christian would naturally object to it because they believe in the Bible. Of course, you can believe in any religion or book you want to believe. You can choose not to have a religion. No one can tell you what is truth. Most people choose their religion according to what they feel comfortable with. And it is your choice whether you even want a religion or to accept one basic principle of truth. No one can condemn anyone and tell them their fate. They can only state the belief of their religion. Heck, if anyone wants to they can interpret the Bible in any way they want to. It’s not up for me to decide. However, I feel it’s very stupid to claim a Christian nation in one breath and claim “freedom of religion” in another….not everyone is a Christian and there are so many Christian beliefs, but that’s according to a Catholic Bible.

The one thing about human existence is…we never do what we need to do. We never consider the logical part of it. It’s not that I encourage people to mate with people they don’t love, but we have to think of the logic part, and why it exists at all. Why does sexuality exist? People have to consider why homosexuality ISN’T accepted as well as why it should be….both sides…and come to a balanced meeting point. You can’t TOTALLY hate straight people because we all came from heterosexuals, and hey homosexuals aren’t doing anything less than anybody else who goes after their hearts desire….but both sides should consider the alternative

3) What is the difference between the color of one’s skin and sexuality? Aren’t we born with both?

The difference is we are born with skin colors, though we have no concept of the distinction of our color of skin. We are NOT born with sexual urges. They are gained. We are not even born with love. As much as idealists want to believe love is unconditional, it is taught and very conditional. We gain those feelings and thoughts and ideas from what we have been taught. No one is born with the desire to have sex at all in fact. Babies have no concept in their brains. They are newborns, they don’t understand those yet. They are our natural human instinctive bodies.

So why does love hurt so much? Because we are conditioned that it is a necessity. If you were never shown it, you would have a different concept of it. It’s just like becoming addicted to alcohol. When it comes to drinking it, we just drink it, we’ve been conditioned it’s normal. If you are addicted to the drink, you get really irritated if you can’t get it. Similarly, love is the same, except it’s much more common and even more pleasurable and less harmful.

The only thing that is physically sexual about us, that is naturally sexual about us are not our desire to have sex, but the natural vagina and the penis. It’s there. Don’t ask me why it is, I have my own beliefs why. But I have a menstrual cycle for a reason and go through pain every month for a reason. As black and white as it sounds, the world is. It’s not as colorful as people’s minds want it to be. Humans, believe it or not, are a species. Our human make-up is what we are born with. It is something we can’t mentally control….

However, not to say being homosexual is something we can totally control. Some people grew up that way, some people just gained the urges. But it’s more compared to someone who is obviously black but was born and grew up in America, more than the actual race as some people compare the discrimination of gays to…..it’s more like they just can’t help it they grew up in America, though naturally their ancestors came from Africa. And no matter where they move, a piece of America will be with them, even if they go back to the home of their ancestors.

Same with homosexuals. They have the urges, they’ve always had it ever sense they learned it. They can’t help it. That’s their culture. Even if their ancestors were originally heterosexual, they just can’t be.

But it’s not like being prejudice of one’s skin tone. That’s like being prejudice because someone is shorter, or uglier, or their hair is different. Those are things we have no mental or physical control over, not even our parents. Parents actually can play a large part in homosexual or heterosexual just like whether their children were born in America or not, especially if they let their children become exposed to such things. But the child itself has no control. Now as far as skin color, height, hair color…no one has control, not even parents….and scientists who claim to have control often lose it too…even with skin bleach, hair dye, and height pills and surgery…science loses control…and damage takes it’s place.

Don’t get me wrong, gay is very normal, but it really isn’t natural. It goes against our natural bodies.

4) What’s the difference between the act of being gay and homosexual encounters?

First off, every guy who likes things that normally girls would like is not gay. Just because a guy likes skirts, heels, lipstick, and dolls does not make him gay. That is sexist to think so. That’s like saying all girls who like sports, jeans, t-shirts, and video games are gay….please! Lots of women do! So? why discriminate with men? Men have their own tastes too. But of course if you are a gay man who likes feminine things, that’s okay too…but all men who like the normally feminine activities aren’t gay.. It doesn’t mean they have sexual attraction to males. Liking pretty things doesn’t mean you have an attraction to the opposite sex…

Second, all people with gay urges don’t choose to act on them. Some gay people choose to have sex with the opposite sex though they have homosexual urges… So though they naturally find the same sex attractive, they choose to have sex with the opposite for their own reasons. People are entitled to do that.

Third, just because you think someone is attractive that is of your same sex does not mean you are gay. It’s natural to think someone else is pretty or handsome, but it doesn’t mean you always want to sleep with someone you think is attractive. It’s natural to love your friends, but it doesn’t mean you love them always in “that way”. Love is used very loosely nowadays….geez…

Lastly, some people choose to act on their urges, or to turn gay because they hate the other sex, or become gay because they had an experience, or for whatever reason. That is the ACT of homosexuality. That means you have chosen the same sex as your sexual partner.

5) Should homosexuals care what anyone thinks? Isn’t love the only thing that matters?

I feel that is up to the person. I personally think because we live on this planet and have to live with each other, we should care to some extent what others think and feel, especially if we want them to care about how we think and feel.

Some can say love is the only thing that matters. And I feel that anyone can be with who they want according to their beliefs. But sometimes, you often should ask yourself, ‘Why am i doing this?’ We can’t always do what we want, sometimes we have to do what we need to do in order to survive.

So the solution? Become a bi-sexual.


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