Do Gay Men Have it Better than Straight Men?

26 Jun

Well, I’m not  an expert on this subject, but I have my own ideas. There are several reasons why I think some men have made this claim.

Though this video is about black men, it’s not just them who have made this claim.

Some men have said this : They think gay men get better jobs  because their bosses see them as feminine and want to degrade them. They realize they are not tough. They don’t see them as a threat. They also get more women because they act like women.

I strongly disagree with both claims.

Though yes, I agree women can be very superficial creatures, which is why I am a “masculinist”, a woman who works for equal rights for males. Today’s society still tries to keep the chains on males and what classifies masculinity and what makes a male straight or what makes a man a man. That includes doing anything but liking clothes, planting flowers, cooking, cleaning, reading books like Gossip Girl, etc. While to most men that might be strange, some men might secretly enjoy it, but they are too afraid to say so because they are afraid to appear gay or weak.

Gay men on the other hand are more confident in themselves and what they like, which makes them less afraid to express their opinions and less afraid to be themselves. This, in turn, is a very attractive trait to women. Gay men are not afraid of what people think about them. They are very courageous which is actually a masculine trait that some straight men haven’t even cultivated. They are not as easily influenced by peers so it seems they have stronger minds. They tend to come off charming and open-minded. yes, some of them understand women better, but there are some gay men who still like sports and video games, but just like men. Some gay men don’t understand women, but women gravitate toward them because they are bold and are not afraid to express their sexuality or beliefs. It’s very attractive.

It’s these same qualities that get them good jobs. It’s not that employers don’t see gay men as a threat, as I’ve said some come off very masculine. But Gay men tend to be more pleasant, more open to jobs, more color blind as most have been “removed” from their culture and ethnicity, and seem to do well with authority without abusing it.

This tends to extremely apply to the black community. Black men are too busy trying to prove their masculinity by shooting one another, while gay black men are getting an education and trying to better themselves. They are working, they are traveling, and they are open to making new friends. They keep their ideas of truth broad, instead of following others blindly. They make good leaders and role models. A lot of them support many organizations that improve society. And they help one another get jobs. This has been my experience working with gay men.

Not to say other men aren’t like this, but as long as the chains hold men back, they will continue to hold themselves back. I believe men shouldn’t have to feel restrained by ideas that keep men from reaching beyond their potential. Not to say you have to change, but if you feel restrained by the chains society has put on you, let them go, and you will feel freer much more confident, and happier.

I feel that’s a lesson all people have to live by.


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