Excited dog & laughing baby (via funny blog pageslap)

27 Jun

This video was so touching, I don’t even know what to say! So beautiful! A dog is making a baby laugh! The baby is making the dog excited because it’s playing with it. They are making each other happy! This reminds me of the elephant who made friends with the dog.

Elephants are smart, we know this. In fact, there is a wordpress article on the intelligence of elephants. Check it out!

But yea, animals are so intelligent! That’s why deserve our support because they are a part of our world too!

Thank you for posting up such a beautiful video! I’m going to watch it again!

Here's a very excited shetland sheepdog totally cracking up a baby. Best moment comes around 1:37 when the kid falls over; watch the dog. So cute. Via MeFi. … Read More

via funny blog pageslap


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