Kingdom Hearts Saga continues (including in 3-D)!

10 Aug

Ahh, refreshing. The truth I’ve learned about this world is while something/someone dies, something/someone is also being born. And that’s what I have to say about Generation Next: We are the generation of Rebirth. Expect a Renaissance in science, technology, and Enlightenment in the future…

So anyway, I brought that up because I received news about one of my favorite video games of all time: Kingdom Hearts, of course. And even through my trials and sorrows recently, I was able to feel happy today. The exciting news is that Kingdom Hearts is going 3-D.

That’s right. It’s going to be on the Nintendo 3Ds.

I haven’t seen the 3DS myself so, I’m going to have a looksy right now….

This is the hands-on review:

So far, the reviews have been positive. According the IGN review, it’s better when you see it in person. KH 3D, according to my theory, might come out around the time of the release of the 3DS. Who knows, but both were announced this year for NEXT year. So look for the game and console next year, 2011….

But for this year, you can look forward to Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep coming to North America September 7, 2010…that’s right in one month. It takes place before Kingdom Hearts and Sora, again, is not the main character. The story is focusing on Xehanort.

AND NOW THE REAL GRAND FINALE!!! AMAZING! Can’t WAIT! Hope I’m still around for it….

Well that’s the grand news.

Another title to look out for, which still hasn’t been announced for America, is Kingdom Hearts Coded and Re: Coded. I know the Re: Coded version is going to be on the Nintendo DS, which I’m thankful for, because that’s what I have.

I still don’t have a PSP…but it’s coming soon…maybe…


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