I Need My Drugs….Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

11 Sep

Should I begin this post by explaning how much of a fanatic of Kingdom Hearts I am? This game was the game that transformed me into a serious gamer. I had always played games, such as Crash Bandicoot and Street Fighter, with my playstation since the age of 9. When I got my PS2, I was still playing other games religiously. But those games bored me. Maybe because I easily became good at them. Then I got my first RPG: Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts was no ordinary game. Aside from the fact it managed to successfully combine Disney with Final Fantasy (which I always loved the graphics but never bought the games for FF), but it also successfully managed to make the game long and challenging and complicated, but still understandable for kids my age. And now, I’m grown up….and I still love this game.

Of course, it has darkened in it’s tone. Apparently, the same kids who were playing it also grew up to love it because it seems the tones of the story get darker and more complicated. And trust me, this game is like a drug.

I think most video games are for people who love to play video games and know how to play them. But this game requires that you play religiously…well, because it entices you to play, even if you don’t want to. The story is so good and long, and the gameplay free and fun, that you just want to know what is going to happen next, what new boss you’re going to fight next, and what new weapon or style you will be using. It’s for a wide-ranged audience, which adds to it’s appeal. I mean, they have Disney and Square-Enix working on it, two companies that demand nothing but the best. Of course, some themes from both companies are ever present:

*Mickey Mouse, duh (Disney)

* Dudes with spikey hair (Square-Enix)

*Magic (Disney and Square-Enix)

*Odd, I’m sorry, original style, weapon blade choices (Square-Enix)

*Rivalry (Square-Enix)

*Romance (Disney)

*Journeys (Disney and Square-Enix)

*And finally….Villains with scheming purpose (Disney and Square-Enix)…often with silver hair, who have a hard time dying within the series…they just keep coming back in the next game! (Square-Enix)

There are more themes that are normally prevalant throughout Disney’s and Square-Enix’s series of themes, but these themes are the more obvious ones.

So, the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts series was released September 7, 2010! It is entitled Birth By Sleep. When I get to playing this game, I will do a thorough review of it. But for now, I will give you what I know about this game. It is supposed to take place 10 years before the start of Kingdom Hearts…in my opinion, it might have been longer than 10 years realistically, but we’ll go with 10 years. Well, this would mean that Sora is about 4 years old in Birth By Sleep….so, obviously he isn’t the main character yet. There are decidedly three main characters….One has blue hair, one has brunnette hair, and the other…looks oddly like Roxas…and the boy that Lexaeus saw in 358/2 Days. This game might be the game that reveals it all…and I’m too excited for this game…

I’m also jealous of everyone who has gotten it over the past few days. Even in my college classes, all I kept seeing was people playing that game. PSPs flopped everywhere…..and I have to wait to get mine…I have to wait until I get paid…Isn’t it sad how I would rather spend my next check on entertainment rather than paying off my bill for college?

See how video games can be addictive drugs? I recommend his drug though…it’s good.


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