Kingdom Hearts Prank Call by Friday Night Cranks

20 Sep

With all the hype and fun centered around Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, many people are using the series to their advantage (because it’s a drug that most people have on the brain nowadays…well any Kingdom Hearts fan). Some people say they can’t take the game seriously, but that’s because they’ve never played the game…I mean, sure, first off a game with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy seems….well, so childish. But has Disney EVER failed to deliver when it came to excellent storylines and magical worlds and a fun time? No way. Not even for people over the age of 18. Well, Kingdm Hearts is one of those games that works. It’s like watching anime…Shojos and Shonens. Can anyone take those animes seriously?….

So anywho, some ways people have used the arrival of Birth By sleep to their advantage is by science project with building gummi ships, learning how to make Paupu Fruit cookies, and even creating school plays from it. But the best one so far was using the series plotline as a prank call.

Know anymore Kingdom Hearts jokes and pranks? I used to watch TeamJohnnyCake, the best parody makers of KH EVER….but one moved to Florida to work in Disney World….


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