Lebron pulls the wrong Card again—this time, the Race Card

1 Oct


Let’s see. In the philosophy of basketball, there are only so many bad moves you can make before you totally whack out on the game. That goes for on the court and off the court. On the court, a wrong move can cost you the game. Off the court, it can do the same–only on the court, the fans will still respect you, even if you suck. But if you move wrong off the court, you could even lose the respect of your fans.

Lebron James has pulled too many wrong cards in the card game of basketball:

1) When given the chance, he left Cleveland because….no reason. Because he could be a dick if he wanted to be. He knew how much Cleveland wanted him to stay. Heck, even Betty White pleaded for him to stay. And yet, he chose to move to Miami because…Wade and Bosh were there?…no…maybe…nice weather? Well, none are legit reasons for leaving a team that has sponsered you and helped you make it as far as you did. He was merciless in his “decision.” Therefore Cleveland hates him, and many other fans even hate him just because of his attitude. He is so arrogant now. His head has blown up. And some people feel he’s a traitor. There was nothing wrong with the team. It’s not like it was giving him any problems, he just simply wanted to be a dick and show how much he didn’t care. Well, that was his first mistake.

2) He pulls the race card. He claims that the reason for all of this hate against him is because “white people don’t want to see [him] take charge of his career.” What? Okay, I admit, after he made that stupid decision, some racial remarks were flying. But even black people were calling him nigger that day, and chances are he deserved the “nickname”. They weren’t calling him “nigger” because he was black. They were calling him nigger because he was dumb. That’s judgment on the content of his “character”, not his “color” . There were other names that flew out like bi*** and fa***. People were angry. Expect a few negative and derogatory words to fly out. But to blame your shortcomings on “racism” not only shows how little you know yourself, but shows that you are too blind to change your inadequacies, Lebron. You are using a scapegoat. Pulling the race card isn’t going to work this time. Yeah, maybe the NAACP will side with you when it’s all over. They like to show up when the damage is done in hopes of getting spotlight attention, though nowadays, they have become an almost pointless organization.

If he was smart, he would’ve listened to the white people. They gave him some good advice, and he diarreaed all over it. Now, his image is destroyed. Maverick Carter, manager and friend, is just saying what you want to hear so he can get a piece of change.

I’m sorry Lebron, but you have just pulled out any last loyalties you had. Maybe when you grow up, you will be a little wiser. But for now, you are just a little boy who is caught up in his taste of fame. Hope fame will be good to you. Expect to see a drug-addict in the next couple of years out of him.


2 Responses to “Lebron pulls the wrong Card again—this time, the Race Card”

  1. tophatal 2010/10/01 at 15:56 #

    Does James actually have an IQ above average or is he becoming the NBA’s answer for Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton combined ? He’s becoming such a putz that he’s simply not worth listening to at all !



    • generationnext 2010/10/03 at 19:26 #

      He’s image has become so pathetic that many people are refusing to watch Miami play. I hope he falls on his face. He went to Miami to help create this “superstar” team instead of playing against them and proving his worth. He’s a coward.


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