Pick Your Poison

11 Apr

Video Games are like crack?

Sure, everyone is addicted to something that isn’t good for them or their bodies. Everybody does something to harm Mother Earth and themselves. Whether it’s driving a car to pollute the air, smoking that cigar to pollute your body, getting intoxicated and wasting it, we all choose a poison, an addiction. A guy in my Political Science college class chews tobacco. One girl in the class remarked, “That’s disgusting”. His reply was “pick your poison” because naturally we’re all being poisoned by something, some of us recognize it some of us don’t. I like that phrase, which is why it is the title of this article.

My particular poison isn’t anything like drugs, alcohol, or driving, unfortunately. Mine is video games. Sure, I’m addicted to online games and regular old video games. Particularly two games: Kingdom Hearts and Wizard 101. When I come home from work, school, and religious obligations, or when I retreat into boredom, the thing that helps me escape reality is video games. It is a poison firstly because it is time consuming. When you could be doing somthing productive such as cleaning your house or letting the dog in when she knocks, you’re sitting around playing video games instead. When you could be applying to a better job or studying for that final exam, you’re sitting around playing a game. When everyone is calling you to see if you’re okay, and you ignore them because you know that you have to finally reach that last level, you’ve become a game addict.

Second, video games make you competitive and irritable. When you can’t make it to the final level, or when someone interupts you, it’s natural for a video game addict to get angry and irritable. Especially when you’ve finally reached that top level, and someone says “come here” and you know that leaving the game will cause your character to die and start over, it can make you one cranky person. See, people who don’t play video games or online games…they truly don’t understand. It’s a condition. Similar to a woman who needs her “drug” every week. It makes her competitive because she’s competing to get that drug before anyone else, and she’s irritable when she can’t get it or when it doesn’t help her “feel” the same. Moderation does need to happen.

But who moderates anymore? I mean who’s going to regulate how often they drive their car? Okay, maybe gas prices will…well, who’ll regulate how much you drink? Well, as long as you don’t drive…The point is we’re all addicted to something, and I can name a few things people have told me they’re addicted to: Drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, junk  food, drink especially but not always Pepsi or Coke, sports, fitness, health, hygiene, photography, talking, porn, being hateful, facebook, youtube, cell phones, bad relationships, biting toenails, nose picking, and facebook…again.

So the question is, what are you addicted to? Pick your poison.


This article isn’t in any way supporting alcohol consumption, drugs, or drinking and driving. Most are merely examples of addiction, not to say I encourage you to partake in any of the above addictions. This is also not designed to make fun of anyone or put anyone down, obviously, because I mentioned my own addiction that most people would frown upon. Plus, it’s all in good humor and sarcasm. Have a laugh thinking about your imperfections. Embrace them. 🙂 Don’t you enjoy when there’s a fine print in documents and on commercials? This is all a distraction and disguise to hide my real purpose for this article which was to make an excuse as to why I haven’t been on my wordpress in three weeks. Tee hee.


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