Atheism Vs Christianity When Disaster Strikes

26 Jun

Recently, on the news, of course, there have been so many disasters, the most recent being the flooding in North Dakota. All of the disasters are saddening, especially for families who are victims. I’m a big supporter of msn and msnbc. And I often read the comments. I like to hear others care and those who are willing to console the victims. But lately I see this never-ending war between atheists and religious people. The religious people often announce that God is doing away with people today because they are “sinners” in a “sinful” city. And the atheist people respond by rebuking the people in the article who believe in God, saying there is no God, and thus saying that the people who are victims have no one to pray to, and should stop believing in their God.

Then they get to arguing with each other, the religious folks saying that Atheists are going to Hell, and the Atheists saying that religious people are idiots for believing in an “imaginary” figure.

Well, if you ask me both are a contradiction of each other.


Religious people are often the first to condemn someone who doesn’t believe what they believe. Some of them can be outright unreasonable. Especially Christians. Many of them attack atheists. And when atheists have intelligent comebacks, many Christians don’t normally have anything to say but “God will destroy you, then you’ll believe”.

Many of them have such simple-minded comebacks because many Christians today have yet to read their OWN Bible. If many Christians actually read their Bibles, they’d probably realize that they should worry about their own fate with God. Many Christians are contradictory when it comes to this. There are so many “Christians” today who don’t even follow the laws of their own Bible. I see self-proclaimed Christians who commit fornication, adultery, curse people out, and even tattoo themselves. The Bible condemns all of that. “Season your words with salt” the Bible says. Leviticus 19:28 tells people outright not to tattoo themselves. But people don’t read their Bibles. So you’re condemning someone else?

Some people say “it’s because I believe that I will be saved. Even if I sin, God will forgive me because I believe”. But if I remember correctly, a scripture also says “faith without works” is dead. So your faith alone will not save you if you aren’t even practicing what your preach. Then whats the point of following Christ if you aren’t going to act on the Bible, the book that you claim has all the answers? If you don’t act like it’s the book of Truth, how is anyone else supposed to be convinced? This is why I can see how so many people turn atheists. Religious folks don’t even know that birthdays were condemned because they were celebrated by people who didn’t believe in God. It is a pagan holiday. But you can’t tell a self-proclaimed Christian that, can you? It’s sad half of them don’t read or understand their own Bibles.

Here’s the best part. Christians claim that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. But why would shepherds be tending their flock in Jerusalem during the cold and rainy season at that time? The harvest time was around October. Further, if it is Jesus’ birthday, WHY IS EVERYONE ELSE receiving gifts? Shouldn’t you be giving to Jesus? That’s just like if it was your birthday, and everyone else receives a gift but YOU. I wasn;t aware that’s how birthday celebrations went. No, Christmas is based on another pagan holiday. But do many Christians care? No, because they are used to what they are used to and don’t want to open their minds.

Further, Christians don’t have the best history of being the best people in the world. Many Christians have twisted the scriptures around to feed their own selfish desires, such as during the days of slavery. They always forgot to mention Moses’ story, but they held on to the fact that the Bible says “you must be slave to your master and reside in his household”. And yet, the Bible says you must respect each other, even those who are different from you. So, self-proclaimed Christians haven’t had a good record of showing what “Christianity” is all about.

Religious people follow what anybody says and don’t do their own deep and thoughtful research on a subject. At least atheists think about it. Other religions also have contradictions. But on msnbc I mostly see Christians and Atheists going at it.


Atheists are also contradictory. Many atheists claim that Christians believe in an “imaginary figure” (and Santa Claus exists, they say). They also claim that Christians believe in a book that was written by men to brainwash and control a population of people. They also say that the Bible doesn’t say anything logical about the Earth. They say that science has disproved the Bible again and again.

Of course science does, because to me it’s just another religion meant to brainwash population. And all religions disprove each other.

Further, atheists say Christians believe in a book that was written by men, what about a science book? That was also written by men. Who is to say they aren’t lying to us all? Will you believe everything a scientist says? They say ” a group of men come together to make sure it is fact”. Sure, so did the apostles. That doesn’t mean all of them aren’t lying.

They say “Big Bang” made our existence happen, but were any of them THERE when big bang happened? No. And what caused big bang? What made the minerals that consisted of big bang? It came out of nowhere? out of an “imaginary” space? We have yet to see space, and I have a hard time believing man landed on the moon. The flag was blowing in the wind in those photos. Come on. Why should I believe that? Why should I believe there is such thing as space? Why should I believe that the Earth is round? Because another MAN said it was, when he could be lying and brainwashing US to control US?

They say that all of these scientists in the past made these theories, but did any of them personally meet any of these scientists? How do we know they ever existed? Because a SCIENCE BOOK told you? A HISTORY BOOK? History is the most contradictory and controversial subject in the world, and always changes. But how do we know that these books are facts? Because another man told you it was fact?

I tell you how they believe it. They have FAITH that it is true. They believe in these men who claim to have all the answers, who claim to have done research with their own “instruments” that sometimes malfunctions by the way, so to me they are no better than Christians who have faith in an “imaginary” God. To me, as far as I see, many of the things science claims is imaginary too.

Atheists say “so we aren’t breathing oxygen? That’s a lie too?” It might be. What if it isn’t oxygen. Have you used your own instruments to figure it out? Or did a scientist tell you that’s what it was? Did a scientist tell you to use “specific” instruments that won’t “sway” you from their “religion”? To me, it is no better than Christians.

Atheists can be unreasonable too. They definitely hate to listen, but love to argue. And they hate when you actually bring logical facts to the plate. They don’t like to discuss or debate, though many say they do, they like to be right, which to me is a sign of another religion.

To Conclude

I have nothing against either one personally, but I think it’s wrong for the two of them to bash each other and their beliefs. I believe there should be respect. For me, I respect those who are agnostic more. At least they’re not trying to act like they now the answers to everything. They respect people’s beliefs, and a lot of people combine beliefs, seeing truth in everything. I respect those kinds of people who are reasonable and open.

When disaster strikes, console people the best way you can and leave them in peace.

Fine Print:

People are going to hate me after this post, but it just annoys me when they go back and forth bashing each other.


3 Responses to “Atheism Vs Christianity When Disaster Strikes”

  1. tophatal 2011/06/27 at 13:21 #

    Well given the asinine comments of Robertson after the Haiti (earthquake) disaster what else should one expect ? Now with the upcoming GOP Presidential candidacy picture and the fact that there are two Mormons running let’s see how inclusive that party really is as it concerns the voters concerning Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney . Money no doubt will be deciding factor as it relates to the electoral process because rarely have the issues been the overall determining factor .


    • generationnext 2011/06/28 at 01:20 #

      Lol yea money is always the deciding factor. When it all boils down to it, no one’s religion can help replace the money that will go to the disaster.


      • tophatal 2011/06/28 at 15:35 #

        Any politician who has aspired to hold the highest political office ( POTUS ) in the land will have to kiss much ass ! And the asses that have to be kissed the most are those of the lobbyists and their firms. But perhaps none more so than AIPAC who essentially writes foreign policy for the country and makes sure that Israel each year receives in excess of $ 8 billion a year in aid and none discretionary loans. Tell me what’s reciprocated by Israel in return other than the sphincters of Fox News who espouse the bullsh_t along with an archaic asshole like Pat Robertson who’s a butthole to begin with !

        But yet we can’t keep homeless military vets off the streets . Now you tell me how fuc#@ked up the US is in the eyes of the electorate ? Where are the real priorities with regard to the country ?



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