Indiana State Fair Sugarland concert: Stage Collapses, Killing 5, Injuring Others

14 Aug

I’m in complete shock. First off, I’ve been to the Indiana State Fair countless of times, and this is the only time I didn’t go when asked, and I hear bad news. The State Fair is one of the events I actually attend when I visit Indianapolis in the summer. It’s so shocking that if I’d just said yes that day I would be among the group of people there who witnessed and were a apart of that traumatic event! My best friend was there and all she said she could hear was the screaming.

At first, storm clouds appeared, covering the grounds. The wind was starting to pick up. Her first thought was to take cover in a nearby building, wait until the storm passed away, and enjoy the rest of the evening. She heard a loud noise, but she thought it was just a stand somewhere. Then she heard screaming and saw people panicking. People were crying and holding each other. At first, my friend thought it was actually a tornado so she and a couple of others went straight toward the parking lot only to find that every section was blocked off. She and her group eventually found an exit, but later they were told that the Sugarland stage collapsed on a dozen people, and five were killed. Two of them were in their 20s, two others were in their 40s and one was in his 50s.

I get goosebumps thinking about it. If only something could’ve been done! It’s not fair. And what if I had been there?

See, I just happened to be one of the very few who actually watched the news and the weather. Earlier that day, I was asked if I wanted to go to the fair. First, I thought about the price, which was a major turn-off for me. Second, I checked the weather. It said, “severe thunderstorm, with damaging winds and dangerous lightning”. I’m a bit of a sucker for the weather man. So even though most people don’t believe the weather man, I do. I keep my plans simple for the day. Yes, most times I am very disappointed because most times the weather man is wrong and I end up missing out on a good time. Mostly, I listen to the weather man because I’m a pessimist. I enjoy bad news just a bit. I’m a bit of a party pooper. But my pessimism saved me that day. And I wish I could’ve warned others about the storm. I wish I could’ve done something. To see your life flashing before your eyes…it’s not something I would’ve expected. You go to a fair to have a good time, and watch your favorite band, in the V.I.P. section, and next thing you know the stage is falling down on you. 5 people died, and about 40 others were injured, some critically. One young man is critically injured but his wife died in the incident. It’s so sad. I’m feeling the tears well up. My beloved summer vacation feels like a disaster.

The storm blew in rapidly before anyone knew it. The evacuees tried to get everybody out before the storm hit. They were just going to announce the cancellation when the whole stage came apart and fell down. Ironically, the wind was blowing forward, not backward.

I just feel like this: why didn’t the people who run the grounds check the weather? I mean, sure, the weather man always says it’s going to storm. you cant cancel it every week. But shouldn’t they check everyday they have the fair? They should hire someone who can check the weather. If it says anything above 40 or 50 percent chance, they should cancel. Last night, it said 70 percent chance. I don’t want to blame them, because they are imperfect humans too, but at the same time I just wish that something was done to prevent it.

Here’s the Footage:

They say it was “only” four people, but I cry thinking of those four people who didn’t see tomorrow. The sad part is I still feel that it could’ve been prevented. It also could’ve been worse.


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