The catchiest Ad and Series to hit Youtube

7 Jan

Youtube is known for having videos that go “viral”. What? You mean like a virus? Yea, like a virus. It means the videos that spread like a sickness to so many homes it becomes a part of popular culture. Remember? “Climbing in yo windows, snatching yo people up”? Or maybe “Leave Britney Alone!”? Or maybe Two Girls and One Cup? Let’s not reminiscence. As vulgar as those videos may sound, or as retarded, or embarrassing, they entertain us and draw people to them. Remember Rebecca Black’s “Friday”? That song was awful, and yet it has more viewers than good songs. These videos are a hit.

There is one video that’s my personal favorite.

Finally, we’re reaching an age of music where people’s voices can be heard instead of “disguised and synchronized” by “autotunes”. The voice is great, the lyrics, while not deep, make sense. The song is catchy but tasteful.

It looks like the Rockabilly style is back…

The next one is a series created for two of the most awkward things: being a girl and being black.



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