Good-bye Whitney Houston, We Will Miss You

12 Feb

I never expected to pay this tribute any time soon. Yea, sure, she did drugs, but so do all of the celebrities. They are on all kinds of depression, anxiety, and energy pills. With the kind of work they do, and the extreme expectations that they have to live up to, it’s no wonder all of them aren’t dropping dead every day.

What’s sad is the best talent is always the most exposed, and therefore they always become the worst victims of the paprazzi, the fame, and the money.

when you’re so used to being on top, it’s hard when you fall rock bottom. For a while, it seemed Whitney got herself together and came back, but judging from the many negative reviews of Whitney’s last album (ya know, the one where everyone said “she lost her voice” and “It wasn’t much of a comeback” ? Yea that one). I’ve even heard that so many people were so disappointed with how her voice was now, that many walked out of her performances. With all of that, it’s no wonder the next thing we heard was she was dead.

Well, I’m going to make this brief. It’s very sad. 😦

I’m going to play my two of favorite songs and videos by Whitney: 1) I’m Every Woman. The original song was sung by Chaka Khan. But I think Whitney slammed down on this song, and what was even more inspirational about the video is she was pregnant! It just goes to show the power of her voice and her amazing talent! I send all my prayers and respect to the family. 2) It’s Not Right, But it’s okay. I love her outfit in the video, and she’s amazing in this song.



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