Brave: The story of “Mother Bear”

8 Jul

So I just got back from Brave, and just like all Disney-Pixar movies, it was pretty good for a child’s movie. Of course, all I kept thinking was one of Disney’s other movies seemed strangely similar: Brother Bear. Didn’t the same thing that happened in this movie happen in that one? And I know it sounds like I’m seeing the negative, but it brought me back to that same element, which gave me no element of surprise.

Not to give the movie away, for those who still wish to see it. It still is a great movie. But if you’ve seen Disney movies, you won’t find this movie to be extremely different.

I will say that Disney rarely has a Mother-Daughter “adventure” theme. Normally, mothers and daughters are opposite in Disney movies, but usually the mother is an evil witch (Tangled, Snow White, and Cinderella). But this movie was bridging the gap between mother and daughter. I felt this would be something sweet and sentimental to take my mother to see.

The story follows a red haired tomboyish girl, who doesn’t get along with her mother, a graceful and more feminine woman. Ever since her mother became a queen, there have been so many rules that her daughter has had to follow. Of course, being the free-spirited girl she is, she defies her mother often. The two of them get into an argument, and so the daughter runs away into the woods…

I’ll leave the rest to the movie. Nothing was as I expected. Maybe because I haven’t watched the trailer but once.

The lesson I learned (hint to the movie): Never mess with a Mother Bear’s cubs.

So if you haven’t seen it, it’s been out for two weeks, so take up your last chances to check the movie out in theaters. The movie is still packed.


2 Responses to “Brave: The story of “Mother Bear””

  1. instillari 2012/07/08 at 02:21 #

    I brought my nieces to see this and didn’t think it was one of Pixar’s best. I thought it was cute, but didn’t care too much for the storyline, seemed random to me. My nieces were scared with all the bear scenes (they are 5 and 6 years old). It was cute, but nothing special in my opinion.


    • generationnext 2012/07/10 at 03:54 #

      So agree! Not to say it was a bad movie, but it feels so “been there, done that”. The story is very generic, and it was all set in one particular setting. What was so random was how they just found the old throne room…

      Of course, it’s supposed to be a bit scary. So if it was, I guess it did it’s job since it’s an adventure movie. At the same time, i expected a little more in the adventure scheme of things.


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