Monster High vs Bratzillaz: the Halloween Trend

14 Jul

Yes, Bratz has come out with a line called Bratzillaz. After the line was first announced on facebook, I took a peek. And I admit, at the back of my mind I couldn’t help thinking…”Wow, these dolls look an awful lot like Monster High.”


I’m a Bratz fan, heart and soul, but I’m honest with myself when I see the doll line heading in a certain direction. Bratz have always had really outrageous lines, they even had a “ghoulish” line back in 2005 called Midnight Dance. Even though I would say it was more of a Gothic line, it was still very “Halloween-ish”. Bratzillaz have a similar taste in my mouth, except the colors are brighter and the clothes are girlier. This is a result of there being a female designer for Bratz rather than the male designer Carter Bryant.

I hate to bring him in this. But the truth of the matter is he was the genius behind the Bratz fashion. Why? Because he was a dude. I hate to be sexist, number 1 because I am a female, but women make dolls that are too “fashionable” to the point they can’t start trends. It’s too predictable. Women make clothes they would like, and the clothes they like are “girly”. Bryant was a male designer who more than likely thought about what appealed to him: four sexy babes who wear fashions that even men would think were cool. Bratz didn’t have all of this imagination “wear” before 2006. Then Barbie Fairytopia happened, and here comes the Pixiez. Bratz weren’t the dolls for all the magical fairies and princesses. Bratz used to be the line that had the rockstars, the tokyo clubs scenes, the beachwear, the spy outfits, the gothic style…nothing that hinted of being “imaginative”. This is what made them different.

Bratz Midnight Dance-Bratz as Goths

Back to Bratzillaz, I do think the line is very detailed and pretty. It still has a bit of the Bratz edge. To me, it is a better version of Monster High. However, it still feels like a copy-cat. “Zillaz” reminds me of a monster like Godzilla, and they even have a MUSIC VIDEO just like Monster High! Bratz have been known to make fun of the Barbie line (Tweevils). If this is a joke to make fun of Monster High MGA, it’s not very funny. It looks like an imitation. I didn’t even know Monster High was that popular even worthy of imitating.

Because I’ve been hiding in a doll cocoon, I thought Monster High was the most unoriginal idea ever. You can’t go very far with monsters, especially not in High School. Eventually, they will graduate…And to add the line is centered on high school. How many lines can they possibly think of pertaining to high school? Although Bratz oddly seem to remain teens, their life isn’t centered around high school, so they can go beyond high school, no sweat. But Monster High is turning out to be the latest “freakish” trend.

Of course, I know that Bratzillaz aren’t meant to represent monsters. They’re really witches. But who would guess that? Take one look at their pets, and you start thinking “that’s weird, and monstrous”. And aren’t witches a part of the ghoul society?

I’m not saying the line is ugly, but I do hope that Bratz doesn’t cave into the craze. I hope they remain the original Bratz. I don’t want the Bratz to be confused with another line. What’s worse, I don’t want people crying they copied and I don’t want Mattel placing another lawsuit on MGA. We just got Bratz back. I don’t want to see them fade again. To add, it’s making them seem like they’re running out of ideas, and that Mattel’s idea is winning. It’s making them look like pathetic wimps.

Side note: Did anyone else notice that Monster High is like a complete re-vamp of Diva Starz only they’re ghouls? They say “ghoul-o-rama”. Didn’t Diva Starz say “Cool-o-rama”? Monster High also say “Ghoulicious”…didn’t Diva Starz say “Divalicious”? They even have big feet and heads like them, only Diva Star were meant to be mechanical dolls of the “future” (Turn of the 21st Century=Y2K). Oddly familiar…

So which line is your favorite?

Monster High



Which artwork do you like best?

Monster High



And lastly which is your favorite music video?


Vote and comment to let me know what YOU think about the Halloween fright dolls!

My personal favorite music video is the Bratz. They’re super sassy and sexy! But I have to admit, Monster High’s song is catchy and it was the first! Monster High’s song reminds me of the songs on Disney Channel nowadays though: no talent. It’s also very cheesy. “When I’m with my peeps?” Really? And “My boos”? Very cheesy. And then they have a generic black rapper in the video like they did in Rebecca Black’s video, “Friday”.  Monster High seems more “little girlish”, which most dolls SHOULD be. But Bratz looks older, and is more appealing to a wider audience. It’s what makes them different from all the other dolls.

Bratz were the first dolls to promote being different, and even though Bratzillaz seems like a major copy, the whole idea for Monster High’s existence was to be an edgy line that competed with the Bratz. So both are even steven.

Monster High is very limited to ghouls and high school. I can’t see the lines expanding. After they do a prom line, beachwear, pajama wear, school dance line, after school club line, and shopping line…what’s next? After they’ve done all the popular monsters, then what? They’re going to keep re-making the same old lines over and over. And all the characters wear the same colors in every line! Why does Draculaura wear pink in every line that comes out? No variety. It’s not like monsters can go to Tokyo or be Pixiez without looking like monsters…too much of a similarity. Monster High is also too sweet for my tastes. Bratz have a naughtiness about them that attracts me. They’re daredevils. Whereas Monster High is just a ghoul line designed to make Monsters look nicer. Not my thing.

Remember this 2003 Bratz Music Video? Really, we can say Monster High got it from the Bratz, huh?



75 Responses to “Monster High vs Bratzillaz: the Halloween Trend”

  1. generationnext 2012/07/19 at 08:12 #

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  2. Mrsblue19 2012/10/13 at 04:49 #

    I couldn’t agree with you more (;0) Its annoying to see how these young these days like to argue about which doll is better. Especially with naive kids from YouTube. To be honest I love Barbie as much as I love Bratz. But unfortunately the quality of a Barbie doll has gotten cheaper.My niece owns many MH dolls and the dolls are falling apart. I never have seen a bratz doll break in seven years I have purchased them. I also found out from another blog that MH copied an old cartoon of Hanna Barbera called Gravedale high. The similarities are undeniable….. I think that MH took the idea from both Gravedale high Cartoon and Bratz. So in my opinion both companies continue to rip each other off. However I really do miss the My Scene dolls and I am thinking about purchasing some online.


    • generationnext 2012/10/18 at 13:57 #

      I loved myscene! And yes the competition between the dolls are annoying. They each have their own unique things. I was going to purchase MH dolls. Ugh I don’t like dolls that break. yuck.

      Barbie has gotten really cheap over the years. If they start releasing the Barbie of old (circa 1950s-60s) with the glossy eyes and the plush lips. She never smiled like they made her look in the 80s and 90s. And they cheapened her hair and clothes were just like plastic. Never changed. But I guess it makes the doll less expensive, and an easy play.

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  3. Du Van Khanh 2013/04/29 at 00:47 #

    I love Monster High. Me and my cousin have 11 MH dolls and Scaris
    cafe cart playset. I love Monster High because they have unique
    fashion and i love their faces best. I hate Bratzillaz, COPY


    • generationnext 2013/05/22 at 21:10 #

      They are copy cats, but I’m a Bratz fan heart and soul. They’re the dolls I grew up with, and they were the first diverse group of dolls. They also have more variety in fashion and have better clothes.

      But the Bratz can’t top the MH dolls are far as body quality and promotional ideas.

      thanks for your input. 🙂


  4. F.Eloise 2013/06/18 at 09:11 #

    I love monster high they’re the new freaky fabulous. Girlish quite a bit but what attracts kids now are basically are unique and interesting features in a toy, something out of the ordinary, something that they can show off with their friends, or to be presented in class during show in tell.
    I also love Bratz, I think that the doll has extremely unique features of its own way thus the name Bratz. Each doll has its own characteristic, personality, and behavior.
    Comparing both dolls is like a foul play, given that both companies are large competitors, Monster high dolls is just new in the business but Bratz have been there long enough for kids to love and treasure. Both are different and every kids loves their differences. However, I would love the old version of Bratz back because it’s classic and unique.
    But, in this competitive world every business has to step up to be ahead of the game or match up against their competitors. It’s always a market strategy. I don’t understand why those kids on Youtube are sprouting this “my doll is better than yours” nonsense. One can simply argue but we have different taste.


    • generationnext 2013/06/19 at 21:24 #

      In the ideal, both dolls are great, and depending on preference, but in all business honesty, the popularity of a doll ensures how long the doll stays around. If the doll loses popularity, there is risk that the line will be discontinued, like Liv dolls. Comparing dolls is simply to bring attention to what both companies can learn from each other. Bratzillaz wasn’t successful. Why? because it was written off as a copy-cat. So consumer opinion is important to the longevity of a doll line.

      Bratz line is suffering. MH is prospering. Bratz has been around, but if they expect it to be around another 10 years they have to come up with something interesting.


  5. Du Van Khanh 2013/07/03 at 03:36 #

    I cant comment how much I hate Bratzillaz, they are the copy cats, and Monster High will always be number 1. Btw Monster High 13 wishes ARE NOT COPYING Bratz Genie magic. They have the different sumary and monster high are cooler!


  6. maham 2013/07/11 at 19:50 #

    I think both the lines are cool in their own way. But whenever someone says ” Bratzillaz suck! Monster High are better!!!”, they seem to be acting childish and to me they sound more like “BoA sucks! Avril (freakin)Lavigne is better!!!” So sad…


    • generationnext 2013/07/14 at 12:53 #

      They are cool in their own way, and I’m more of a Bratz fan myself. My sister is more MH and Myscene. But, Monster High was the first of it’s kind, and Bratzillaz, let’s just admit, was made to compete. But from my experience of “copy cats”, they don’t last very long, i.e. Myscene to Bratz, Magic Attic Club to American Girl, Jem to Barbie…It’s best to keep to what you know.

      Thanks for your comment. I hate when people act childish and say something sucks. I try to be objective and see the truth behind a doll line and set aside my own biases. Other people are not so insightful.


  7. future toy designer 2013/08/12 at 21:02 #

    i love monster high and i do not think they are copying bratz . but when i herd of bratzillaz and saw the them on tv i thought they were copying mh. And i still do.the dolls that i like are monster high ever after high and barbie. and about mh coming apart its to help change their cloths and are more likely for tweens like me. and i do not like bratz or bratzillaz. written by your toy designer of the future xoxo.


    • generationnext 2013/08/26 at 03:07 #

      MH has it’s own thing and so does Bratz.

      MH is for the new generation. Bratz was for the end of Generation Next, the generation of the Future. But now, that generation is all grown up.

      Bratz paved the way for dolls like MH to make it, but now new dolls have to move in. MH has only been around a couple years, however. Time will tell.


  8. maham 2013/08/22 at 11:59 #

    1) You Monster High fans fail to look past the fact that if it weren’t for the Bratz line, your beloved Monster High wouldn’t exist. PERIOD. Bratz is the only doll line EVER in Mattel’s history to have posed a major threat to Barbie. Sure there have been a few small lines before that proved to be competition, but Barbie and Mattel was able to stomp out their flames within a few years by just taking what that line did, and putting their spin on it. This never worked with the Bratz line though, it continued to see success and take the toy world by storm, and now they’ve been around 12 years. Monster High was a new response from Mattel to take down the Bratz line, after the MyScene line fell after 5 years, and MGAE eventually won the lawsuit, Mattel had to come up with a new plan: Monster High. This line was introduced at an advantage at the time because MGAE hadn’t had rights to put Bratz back on shelves before MH was released. MGAE also had substantial amounts of money lost from court that wasn’t awarded to them until after 2010 dolls were already being released which lead to a need to use less expensive lower quality hair which ultimately tainted the “new Bratz” reputation.

    2) Bratz aren’t about sluttiness, being rich, having a “better than you” attitude. Bratz are and always have been, about a passion for the things you love. Bratz were the first brand to be as diverse as they were. The lead character WASN’T blonde with blue eyes, the main characters weren’t all caucasian. The core four were Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic and Asian. This wasn’t a normal thing for dolls but Bratz pioneered it. Bratz focus on friendship and individuality. Beauty doesn’t mean you have to be girly, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Bratz dolls have freckles, moles and different faces that reflect each doll. Make dolls of all different eye, hair, and skin colors. Mattel’s attempt at being diverse? A FUCKING OREO BARBIE WITH BLACK SKIN DRESSED IN WHITE CLOTHES. MGAE’s Bratz attempt? Felicia, a doll dressed in equally fashionable clothing as the rest of the dolls in the line. Bratz have visited all around the world dressing in all kinds of clothes. There is a Bratz doll for everyone. BRATZ MADE CANCER DOLLS. When Mattel refused to, Bratz released True Hope bald dolls for cancer research. YOU DON’T GET THAT WITH OTHER BRANDS. Bratz are also about girl empowerment, break out of the stereotype, go against the normal, be influential.

    3) Bratz aren’t “slutty”. The only thing really slutty about Bratz is the crop tops that were used heavily in the early 2000’s. NO these aren’t slutty, NO they aren’t bad role models. Because crop tops were acceptable to wear in that time. Sure looking back, nowadays we don’t generally accept that as being appropriate. But back then, that’s what teens, MIDDLE SCHOOLERS even were wearing. Over time, style again has become more conservative but Bratz just wear what’s real. The short shorts and skirts, that’s what teenagers are wearing. Dolls are meant to represent real girls and trends in the fashion world, Bratz cover EVERYTHING on the runway. Some of the looks may be more risqué, but it’s what’s real. You won’t see anything less on a Bratz doll than what you will see on magazines in the supermarket checkout, most TV and billboards. Most kids don’t really aspire to necessarily look like their doll, they use their doll to live out the fantasy life of their dreams.

    4) Bratz’s proportions are for a purpose. Don’t you ever stop and listen to yourself when you bash Bratz? Do you REALLY think big heads, eyes, lips and originally feet are meant to make girls look like them? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Bratz were made the way they are to eliminate that problem. Bratz’ proportions are so ridiculous that no girl would actually want them in real life. No girl is going to try to make their head bigger. That’s the problem with the more human like proportioned dolls like Barbie and Monster High, they are TOO similar to humans. It’s okay that Bratz are skinny, because everything else is completely unrealistic. But Barbie and Monster High are extremely skinny but have more in proportioned heads, eyes, mouths, noses. They look more like the girls playing with them. THAT’s what faces a problem. Being more relatable than Bratz, but not relatable enough that girls think there is a possibility they could look like that.

    5) Bratz are producing better things than Monster High at the moment. NO this is not an biased statement. I USED to be a fan of Monster High, but lately they have been lacking, and Bratz are back on their A-game. Monster High is becoming cheaper and cheaper unfortunately and seems to be running out of ideas. MH has glue seepage problems, and is starting to do half print fashions. Fashions are just becoming tacky and un fashionable. Monster High designers think they can throw the same old patterns over any type of clothing and they think it will work. Well it doesn’t. There’s a fine line between unique and fucking ratchet. Bratz however are keeping on all of the latest trends using variety’s of fabrics. Bratz are made with attention to details such as special seams, lining, zippers, pockets, intricate stitching and ACTUAL fabrics that you won’t get with any other play line doll. Bratz make their clothes like they are actual clothes but just scaled down, making them the same way you would make them for a human not loosing any details. Bratz use saran hair and include more accessories than Monster High.

    6) Monster High fans are so ignorant and annoying and unintelligent (most of them). Monster High fans are what overall contributed to my loss of love for the Monster High brand. There’s the continuous “OMG BRATZ COPIED MONSTER HIGH!!!111” thing. Do you know what tons of Monster High fans are saying!? THAT SOMEHOW, BRATZ GENIE MAGIC THAT WAS MADE IN 2006 IS COPYING 13 WISHES MADE IN 2013. THAT’S HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS THEY ARE. I don’t think it matters if Bratz copy Monster High, because I think it’s really about the final quality of the doll. A doll copying another isn’t going to matter with whether or not I buy it, it’s just whatever doll is better. ALSO, Bratz design their lines VERY far in advance, Monster High doesn’t. Most of the times Bratz and Monster High being similar is a coincidence. The Bratz Masquerade line? There is no reason to say that is a copy, Bratz had numerous costume party lines before Monster High came out. Bratzillaz? Clearly it was made to compete with Monster High but nothing is a direct copy. And “o they both go 2 skool!!! bratsillas copey!!111” is not not a logical argument. Eitherway Bratzillaz, especially their Switch A Witch dolls are a much better value, come with 2 FULL outfits, 2 FULL bodies, 2 FULL wigs, and gorgeous intricately designed glass eyes. And lots of accessories. It doesn’t matter if anyone copies anyone, it matters in the end who does it better.

    7) Just clearing up one last thing. Bratz were not designed as a reject Barbie. Bratz owe nothing to Barbie. They were made by someone who worked for Mattel, SO? What does that have to do with Barbie? Mattel lost out and ultimately paid the price.



    • generationnext 2013/08/26 at 03:00 #

      I believe that you make some really valid points about the Bratz line. They made it possible for other dolls to gain success in the doll market. Bratz encourage the opposite of what most ppl think: diversity, and REAL fashion. Bratz invented what Lady Gaga is just now doing!

      I also do agree that Bratz has more to offer in the box! Their details and designs and fashions are superior.

      Unfortunately, Bratz will get slammed because of it’s years. It’s like that for any legend in any industry. When new ideas/people/music make it’s way in, it’s harder to return to the old. Ppl will compare today with yesteryear…and the quality has declined since before. For instance, painted on leggings rather than actual leggings…

      MH wasn’t much and so isn’t any different…but ppl hate change more than goodness.

      Also, with Ever after High on the march, and interesting webisodes, Bratz will plummet.

      While we may see Bratz superiority, the new, fresh generation may not, and sales make the difference in whether a doll line survives or dies.


  9. Du Van Khanh 2013/10/16 at 11:15 #

    Really sorry for you Bratzillaz/bratz fans but they are really copied MH! And i hate them, its my opion


  10. Monster high is better true! 2013/10/30 at 08:40 #

    Mmm… No monster high is not copying diva stars the don’t say “ghoulicious” or “ghoul-o-rama” bratzillaz are copying monster high


    • generationnext 2013/10/31 at 01:16 #

      I never denied that Bratz were copying MH. But it’s obvious that the same base that was set up to build Diva Starz built up MH.

      MH used to say those phrases when they first came out. Probably way ahead of your time…


  11. Monster high is better true! 2013/10/30 at 08:41 #



  12. MH is number one 2014/02/26 at 01:00 #

    I want to start off by saying I am 17 years old and love dolls. when I was young, I got bored of barbie really easily and loved bratz, but I always noticed how they were odd looking with their huge lips and eyes and they all had the same face. I always dreamed of having a doll with bendable arms and legs and was actually unique. in 2010, that came true.

    when monster high came out I immediatly fell in love. they are so unique and much better than bratz in my opinion since they all have different noses, mouths, eyes and even eyebrows! they are so incredibly unique and they even are posible in every way. I have never seen a doll with so much thought put into it and care and they are simply drop dead gorgeous. whereas bratz, there is nothing to special about them. sure they encourage girls to be unique, but how can they do that when they dont show any themself? the only thing I respect about them is that they are not all blond based like barbie ( except the main one happened to be blond names cloe) where as monster high is much better because they are monsters, who embrace their flaws and teach girls to embrace their flaws as well and know everyone has an inner “monster” inside.

    Bratzillas are a blant copy of monster high designed to just get money. they have no creativity what so ever and are based off of all the hard work mattel thought out on monster high. bratzillas have last names like them, pets like them, music video and even the ugly animation is only similar in the way of the legs and eyes. they too me look so cheap and at the store they are always on clearance. and come on, cloetta and meyganna? they are the exact same name of their cousins with minor differences to them. thats not creative and seems like MGA cant just give up on bratz. Monster high is always off the shelves and people are constantly buying them because more people like them because they are simply…better in many glorious ways. The webisodes and music is much more creative and everything about them is better all around.

    and bratz did not pave the way for new dolls actually, BARBIE did. barbie is the most top selling popular and queen of all dolls, if it wasnt for barbie bratz would not have come. Monster high is nothing like bratz and not only because they are monsters, they have different and better teachings. I mean the name BRATZ is not intelligent at all and the word basically means a stubborn person…what are they trying to pursue? bratz…come on and the (z) at the end of bratz doesnt make a difference. every little thing about monster high is better. even the names of the characters, which you can they put so much thought into. like jinafire long (jennifer) lagoona blue, draculaura, abbey (ABBominable) and more.
    also when you look at the dolls, there is no comparison at all. Monster high is drop dead gorgeous while bratzillas beside them just look ugly. plain ugly.

    for *MA HAM* you are the ignorant one by being completely obsessed with bratz. listen, I get that bratz have freckles and whatever. but monster high does too! they have beauty marks and much more than bratz or btazillaz have to offer. sounds to me more like you are putting down barbie, which is understandable because barbie is bad I will admit. But monster high is completely different! you cant hate on these beautiful dolls because of fans…form your own opinion. and seriously trust me when I say bratz fans and bratzillaz fans can be equally if not more ignorant about their dolls! BTW just because a doll has glass eyes and what not doesnt make them BETTER QUALITY because monster high has more thought out better outfits and paint jobs then bratzillaz. and monster high not having glass eyes DOES NOT make them cheap at all

    BTW if bratzillas came first and then monster high came, MONSTER HIGH WOULD STILL BE MORE POPULAR its common sense because they are prettier have more thought, more unique, creative and accepting. Bratzillaz are not and never will be close to OUTSELLING MONSTER HIGH un-less everyone turns remotely BLIND. This is my opinion and many others opinion and while I get that you must respect all dolls, I have no respect for Bratzillaz since they are just simply a copy to try and get more sales and money than monster high which sadly wont happen. And as for bratz? GET OVER IT they are slowly dieing out. Bratzillaz will replace them but even those will die out pretty quickly. and TRUST ME you have no Idea what the creators can think of for future monster high. if they were creative enough to even make this line, they can make new dolls exactly creative! btw also they wont graduate, its set in a specific time like a cartoon. a cartoon character can stay in the situation or age for ever. so dont bring up that fact its bogus.

    MONSTER HIGH IS THE BEST FOREVER AND ALWAYS. you guys can talk all you want but sorry, they are not going anytime soon.


    • generationnext 2014/02/26 at 23:32 #

      Well, you are entitled to your opinion.

      I do agree that Bratzillaz copied MH, and it’s annoying. However, I believe Bratzillaz has interesting eyes and fashion.

      But I have to disagree that Monster High is more unique than the Bratz. While I will admit a lot of thought and care was given to the bodies of the Monster High, Bratz have more interesting fashion and more variety. Most of all the Monster High dolls wear the same color on one doll over and over. Many of the lines look the same. Bratz dolls’ lines (such as Xpress it and Style it, which was probably way before your time) showed that individuality.

      Monster High’s fashion is bland. The genie doll and the boogie man doll both had uninteresting fashion. Draculaura wears a corset in almost every line. The dolls themselves have uninteresting lines.

      Bratz had punk lines, gothic lines, space age lines, more interesting and unique fashion-wise. Just not body-wise.

      Bratz WAS the doll that paved the way for new dolls. Barbie didn’t pave the way for new dolls, she was the powerhouse doll, she INTERFERED with the selling of any dolls besides blonde and Barbie-like. When Bratz came out, there was finally a doll that could compete with Barbie, as Barbie took up the whole market. It let other companies know that they didn’t have to rely on the power of Barbie, and that Barbie wasn’t an everlasting threat that could prevent them from making it further in the doll industry.

      While I will admit a lot of detail was taken into account with the Monster High line, it is also the newest doll trend, so it is able to highlight the weaknesses of former dolls, much the same way Bratz did to Barbie.

      Still Monster High’s weakness is in the fashion. This is why they have to keep coming out with new monsters. The old dolls keep wearing the same colors and similar-looking fashions. Then it’s the attack of the were-cats and pink-haired dolls, which is a major complaint of many MH fans

      MH is losing money. Why do you think they made Ever After High? Monster High doesn’t appeal to Christian households, and the concept is wearing thin. They are re-doing school dance lines and party lines and pajama lines because they can’t come out with many lines.

      Bratz has more options BECAUSE their bodies are so plain. They can try steampunk, cyberpunk, androgynous, anything on the runway, more space age fashions…

      Monster High tried the “genie” thing and they all just looked weird (seriously, why was Draculaura wearing a corset in a genie line?) The fashions are very re-vamped and recycled as well.

      Bratz hasn’t died yet. They are going on hiatus for a year and coming back. When Bratz first came out, they suffered the following months after their release, but that Christmas, they blew up on fire! It’s left to be seen.

      I understand you are a Monster High fan. But Monster High’s concept IS weak. The FACT is they won’t graduate, so their options are limited to high school. They will constantly keep repeating the same things over and over (how many school dances and club activity lines will you do before it get’s boring?) This is also why I think Mattel made Ever After High.

      And, no, Bratz isn’t a goody-two-shoes name. Bratz is edgy as always. And this why people love them. Dolls with too many morals can be sickening and it limits their options.

      I see Bratzillaz like Myscene several years back and Flavas (both are probably way ahead of your time). They are obvious copies. But Monster High was also designed particularly edgy to obviously compete with the Bratz. It was just very good competition.


  13. Ruerie 2016/10/19 at 07:09 #

    This is insanely old but I just want to say that I never liked Bratz simply because they are not my aesthetic, not because I’m an “ignorant and annoying and unintelligent” Monster High fan like someone commented. I don’t find Bratz dolls pretty or pleasing to look at, and they all look the same. They are also not unique at all to one another. Same face, same eyes, same everything.(not to judge Bratz fans. We all have different aesthetics!)

    I, however, love, love, love Monster High! they are just really beautiful and detailed!! And the motto is really encouraging too “Be Yourself, Be unique, Be a Monster”. I found it very motivating and cool. The ghouls also lived up to the motto, unlike Bratz, who I personally can’t find unique at all. Maybe yes to other dolls, but not to themselves. someone commented that they have a variety of outfits. These variety is the problem. They’re too different. Monster high dolls have a personality and defining features (this amazing review can show you that! ) Bratz dolls doesn’t. But of course I can see that people prefers Bratz’s type of real-life fashion, and that’s great! I and some other people, on the contrary, don’t like it, and that should be okay too!

    I’m not writing this to convince you that Ghouls Rule, I just want to point out that we all have different aesthetics, that’s really the whole point of being yourself. You’re not a true Bratz fans if you can’t accept other’s uniqueness, and you’re not a true Ghoul if you can’t accept other people being themselves.

    We’re all unique, and that’s awesome


    • generationnext 2016/10/19 at 13:25 #

      I believe that Monster High was ONCE really detailed and high quality. But the latest ones I’ve seen have lost that.

      Bratz do look more similar by face. I just always loved their hair texture, hair styles, and smoking outfits.

      Bratz doesn’t live up to their motto NOW, but back when they were first released, they were The Girls with a Passion for Fashion, which they lived up by every line.

      I personally don’t believe either line has lived up to their motto lately, considering Monster High’s whole script has changed. They hardly feel like they’re “being themselves”.

      Bratz were unique when they were first released. But that was more than 10 years ago. Monster High is still the newest thing on the block in comparison. Every doll line will have its turn. I personally like the variety in clothing more than the variety of faces. But to each their own. 🙂


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  38. Kuky 2017/10/12 at 13:02 #

    At first, I didn’t like Bratz at all, because of their big heads, huge lips and shoes that when removed will leave a doll without feet. But I really like them now and these things are not a problem for me anymore. I don’t need to buy one right now, but maybe someday I will get one (or a few) of them. Bratzillaz were clearly INSPIRED by Monster High, but I don’t think that they were COPYING them. They had their own style, pets, and they were witches, not monsters. There are some things about Bratzillaz that I like and Monster high dolls doesn’t have them, like their glass-like eyes, some details on their clothes and the fact that the pets were sold separately. I like Monster High pets and I want them for my dolls, but when I find them second hand their usually extremely overpriced.
    About the quality of Monster High dolls, I have quite a few of them, lots of them are second hand and there was just one with broken arm ( but I already fixed it) and one with a loose legs. Others are still ok. But of course little kids can easily break them.
    So, I just wanted to say that I like Monster high more than Bratz and Bratzillaz, but I don’t have anything against any of these dolls. I think that every doll is pretty in its own way.
    Btw.: Another great article, I love your blog. I will read more tomorow😉😍


    • generationnext 2017/10/13 at 22:50 #

      I was really not a huge fan of Bratzillaz, but I liked the glossy eyes.

      Bratz did have those nubs for feet, which was kind of annoying and hard to keep up with. But I never worried about losing the shoes off of their feet like I did with all my Barbies.

      As someone with big lips, I really liked that about the dolls. It gave them more of an ethnic look that was missing with Barbie, the big heads were kind of cartoonish, but I really liked that too. XD

      I think right now Bratz and Monster High have lost their original standard of quality, It can’t be helped totally because of the toy industry’s decline and retailers having so much power over what’s sold.

      Thanks for reading this one too!


  39. Kuky 2017/10/13 at 06:57 #

    Well, I see that my previous comment is going against my Monster High reboot comment. So, i will try to correct it. When I said that I like Monster High more than Bratz and Bratzillaz, I was talking about old Monster High dolls, not about a reboot. But I still think that every doll is pretty. There are some collectors who like that reboot, and these dolls are not ugly. I just don’t want to collect them because I like old Monster High dolls and the new ones are too different for me.
    Thats it. Have a nice day😅


    • generationnext 2017/10/13 at 17:18 #

      I got it. I understood. No worries. I like Monster High too, it’s just Bratz is my favorite. That’s cool.



  1. Monster High dolls’ Reboot: “How Do You Boo?” | Generation Next - 2016/11/21

    […] Monster High: The Halloween Trend […]


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