The Bratz ARE Back! Check out their best line since 2005: Bratz Style Starz!

19 Jul

In the Totally Tattooed article, I mentioned that Bratz seemed to be back with the edgy look that they were so notorious for having. Of course, you know by now that the Bratz are always supposed to be cutting edge and and should be a doll line that breaks fashion rules. But Totally Tattooed didn’t confirm that the individuality, the creativity, and the diversity was back.

Well, with this new line, it just proves that the Bratz power is still lurking somewhere in the shadows! Here’s a peek at the newest line:

Bratz Style Starz

Not only is this line edgy (pushing that limited edge, look at those spiked stiletoos!), but this line is their most creative line since their re-launch! 2010 just seemed like it left off from the 2007 year, which was a really bad year for Bratz. 2012 is more promising. Inspired from the pop divas of the the “Gaga” Pop Era, we see the Bratz glamorize-into-fashion famous music idols we all know! Can you tell? I’m getting the Nicki Minaj vibe from that curly wig Yasmin is sporting. Yas’s song has been noted as sounding like “Super Bass”.

Nicki Minaj and her Curly wig! Yas is inspired,obviously!

Ok, it’s been noted that Jade has been inspired by Jessie J! Jade’s song seems to be inspired from Nobody’s Perfect.

Jade is wearing a spiked jacket similar to what Jessie J is sporting.

Cloe seems to have a Gaga look about her! Cloe’s song seems to be inspired by Edge of Glory.

Lady Gaga in a luscious but bold red outfit! Cloe seems to be inspired!

And Sasha is obviously inspired from Katy Perry! Sasha’s song seems to be inspired by Last Friday Night (TGIF). And even the vintage nerd glasses seem to come from the outfit in the music video.

Katy Perry’s Candy dress-Sasha is definitely inspired from the lollipop theme!

Some may say, “How is this creative? It’s just ripping off a bunch of poor musical artists!” But it is cleverly done. Not only will these dolls connect the consumer with pop music and celebrity trends, but these dolls take a bold and original approach to their inspiration! The designs,the wigs, and the individual inspirations bring back the Bratz distinction. And look! All of the shoes are different from one another! Finally! The Bratz have come out with “pop star” lines before but never have they ever looked this outrageous! For some reason, I had a feeling one day they would rock the Gaga thing…

My favorite part about this line was the element of surprise and how unexpected everything was! Everyone thought Jade was Cloe, and Cloe was Meygen! It wasn’t until later we found out the truth: Everyone is mixed up with different trends and hair! No one looks as you would expect them too! It totally breaks the racial and ethnic barriers, which I think is so fun and interesting. I’m also excited that they aren’t poseable in the legs. I think that’s what made the Bratz lose their chunky shoes, and because it took away that splash,the detail went along with it. Let’s face it. Not every doll is meant to be pose-able. The posing bodies just seemed like an imitation of Liv and Monster High anyway. It’s time for Bratz to cut the imitations and get back to what they do best. Let’s just hope the quality comes back. I want some good hair, and I also want more detail in the lines. I do like the little detailed candies in Sasha’s dress and the spikes on Jade’s jacket.The downside that I do see to the line are some of the changes from the prototypes. The major thing I really don’t like is Cloe’s legs. It is painted black. This is going to make it hard for people to mix and match the fashions if they want to. It just shows a lack of quality.Why not real leggings or stockings? Barbie was normally the doll with the painted on clothes, not Bratz. This is my biggest pet peeve about this line. The second thing that gets me is Sasha’s leggings. Where did they go? Well, I guess I can let that one go. I’m tired of the legging thing. But they were cute and made the doll pop out even more. I also am not sure I like Yasmin’s new leggings. The original leggings were more interesting, and had more detail. The new leggings are okay, though…

Check these dolls soon to come out in stores!

Bratz Style Starz Artwork!

If only the dolls looked like this! This was a prototype! Why would you change them MGA! They always take away the quality when they do that!


3 Responses to “The Bratz ARE Back! Check out their best line since 2005: Bratz Style Starz!”

  1. generationnext 2012/07/20 at 03:58 #

    Reblogged this on Generation Next.


  2. maham 2013/08/23 at 16:00 #

    Best Bratz Line Ever! I just hope they have the quality… and the prototypes? No, those are the late ones, because alexbabs1 has uploaded the photos of early prototypes on Flickr. Looking at THOSE prototypes, I really don’t know what to say… at least the late ones were better.


    • generationnext 2013/08/26 at 02:29 #

      It’s the prototypes from MGA based off of the artwork for Style Starz. Notice, the prototypes are closer to the art work than the ones actually sold.

      The ones before the artwork release were before ideas were finalized.

      It’s my favorite modern-day line!


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