PSY-The South Korean Phenomenon “Gangnam Style”

11 Nov

Most people thought that if any Asian artists reached worldwide notriety, it would be either one of the hot all-male pop bands that have recently blown up over the years, or the sexy but cute Asian chicks. Some even thought it would be someone from Japan, considering the large number of anime groupies.

But look out world! Make way for PSY: A fat Korean guy who got his start by singing parodies of famous artists in his country…and now has taken the world by storm through his catchy rap song, with the funny dance number, “Gangnam Style”. He is like the Korean Soulja Boy…Silly, stupid, funny, and fun…with a dance number that people try to imitate. His video has more views than Justin Bieber’s first video “One Time”.

I first got wind of PSY when he re-made BoA’s song “My Name”. But I first realized he was popular when I was watching a Nigahiga ( video on Youtube.

He might just be the first Asian to even hit the American target audience…and he hasn’t even set foot on American soil yet. Which I think is really awesome. I hope more Asian singers try to break into American markets. With all of the foreigners breaking in, Asians shouldn’t be any exception. Then it’ll really be a diverse market. Thanks to the internet, and without the help of music labels, it’s possible for anyone to follow their dream of being of being a star.

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