XBox One does “180” on it’s Policies

7 Jul


From Wikipedia-Microsoft released a statement on June 19, outlining how the policies as originally envisioned would be dropped in favor of a system that works in much the same way as the Xbox 360.[16] The new policies include no internet connection requirements, saving for a one-time connection upon initial installation, discs no longer requiring authentication, and no regional restrictions. A side effect of this policy will be the dropping of the family sharing feature, while digital titles will not be shareable.[92][16] A patch will be required when the Xbox One is first connected to the internet, this patch will enable offline mode along with updating the software for the other changes in policy.[93] Mattrick, in his statement on the new policies, stated that the public opinion was heard by the company and that he and his team thanked the public using their feedback “to reshape the future of Xbox One”.[94] Other analysts believed that the change was in direct response of Sony’s aggressive position from the E3 conference.[95] Similar to the “Xbone” name, many journalists and players jokingly nicknamed the Xbox One as the “Xbox 180” due to a reversal of these policies.[96][97][98][99] Don Mattrick, who had been a leader in the Xbox One development, announced his departure from Microsoft on July 1, 2013 to become CEO of Zynga, with some analysts stating that his deparature was predicated on the poor response and subsequent reversal of the plans for the Xbox One.”

Oooh, this is good. After XBox One was made into a butt monkey by pretty much all gamers, and Sony’s strongest advertising joke, Microsoft just HAD to make some changes if they expected to even make a cent. After these policies reverse, XBox One will truly be an epic Next Gen system that anyone would want, and others would envy. This is an example where the voices of the consumer makes a difference. This is why I respect the gaming industry more than the doll industry.

They are changing:

1) Regional Lock (the one that stopped some people in some countries from enjoying all the features)

2) The internet limitations-Internet is no longer mandatory, you won’t have to check in every 24 hours, and if you want to play offline, you need the patch.

3) Sharing, used games will continue, except the digital ones.

This is great news for XBox fans! NOW this is a system I would want to buy. This is now a futuristic console that is truly all-in-one…except the backwards compatibility. And the Kinect mandatory issue. Also, if you get the patch, you can’t play online AT ALL. If you don’t get the patch, you can ONLY play with internet. Only one or the other, but not both. But at least, it made improvements. And there is plenty of time to make more changes.

The XBone has now turned into the XBox 180. By the way, Don Mattrick, the lead developer, resigned.

So, are these changes good enough for people to purchase? Or have people lost trust in the company? You decide with your purchases.


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